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  1. strange. It came out the same way. ??? Go to e-bay and look for a usb to printer connection. There are some that include Line 6 in the title. That is the kind I bought! :)
  2. The link did not come out the was I put it up. Let me try again. This is an e-Bay item. It is USB on one end and printer connection on the other. http://www.ebay.com/itm/3-3ft-USB-Cable-Cord-For-Line-6-POD-Studio-GX-UX1-UX2-USB-Recording-Interface-/322291643116?hash=item4b0a1432ec:g:yHIAAOSwaEhZFpUM
  3. Here you go! :) http://www.ebay.com/itm/3-3ft-USB-Cable-Cord-For-Line-6-POD-Studio-GX-UX1-UX2-USB-Recording-Interface-/322291643116?hash=item4b0a1432ec:g:yHIAAOSwaEhZFpUM
  4. traphillman

    V 120

    Hello again, I just finished updating my new Spider V. It went quickly and smoothly. :) Scott
  5. traphillman

    V 120

    No, I have not tried it yet. Time for bed. Doctor's appt. tomorrow. I will get to it after that -- it is on my list (long list -- :)) Scott
  6. traphillman

    V 120

    Thank you. I wish my tablet worked with the Spider Remote App but when I tried to download it I got a prompt that said it was not compatible. But the cable I need to do it through my computer arrived today. So I am set! Thanks, again. Scott
  7. traphillman

    V 120

    Wow, I just bought a brand new 120W and the version is 1.02. I have downloaded the Updater but I am waiting to receive the right kind of usb cable to get the new update down loaded to the amp. Thanks! Scott
  8. traphillman

    V 120

    What is the latest update to the 120W now? Thanks, Scott
  9. Be sure when you remove the VDI cable to press the release before you try to pull it out. I forget that all the time! :) I always have trouble getting it lined up to insert too. But at least my socket doesn't appear to be moving!! :) Scott
  10. traphillman

    V 120

    I am in the same boat and have the same question. Thanks, Scott
  11. Thank you. I was trying to confirm I can use the G10T in my JTV and get all the correct modeling sounds. So you have confirmed I will get the modeling sounds if I have the battery in the guitar. But I suspect the XPS Box will not work with the G10T because the G10T would have to go in the same 1/4" connection on the JTV that the cable to the XPS Box has to use. Now that I think about it that only makes sense. There is only one 1/4" out on the guitar and either the TRS cable or the G10T will have to use it. :) Thanks again for your response. It helped me think through the issue. I guess the G10T will only transmit the modeling sounds from the JTV if the battery is powering the guitar. Regards, Scott :)
  12. Can I run my Roland Sound Canvas into the aux in and play it through the Spider while using the guitar too? Thanks, Scott
  13. I want to use a G10T to send the signal from my JTV Guitar to my Spider V 120 and I have three questions: 1) Will the G10T power the JTV? 2) If not, do I need to have my battery in the JTV to drive the guitar? or . . . 3) In the alternative, can I use a TRS cable to my XPS box and plug the G10T into the i/4" output on the XPS box and have it all work? Thanks, Scott
  14. Thanks, Cipher Host! The faster I come to understand the Global Control feature the sooner I will probably buy a Helix LT. I have copied and saved all the information you provided about it. I will want to learn one thing at a time and be sure I get it right. I think I will want to first learn to set the LT presets so I can use it to control the JTV without using the guitar's controls. Do you think the manual instructions for the LT and other pods are detailed and clear enough to lead a beginner like me through the whole preset process? Just as a first step toward understanding, am I correct that to achieve the control of the JTV from the LT I would first prepare and save Presets for each model, then go to the Variax Control Mode and set Variax Control to Global, Local Control to Locked, and Model to Forced? Thanks, again! Scott
  15. Thanks again, Crusinon2! Today was a deadline I set for myself to make final decisions on my equipment for the near future. I have gotten a lot of good advice. I want a Helix LT but decided I was not ready for it yet. I too much basic information to learn and process and too much work to do on my music right now. So I am going with a Spider V 60W amp for now. I also got another amp to use for practicing in the house or small jobs where I will not need a PA. But my aim is to graduate to an LT at some point. I feel confident about that now because I know I will be able to set it up so the LT will bring up preset, stored LT setting with pre-selected Variax models and tunings. Thank you for helping me understand that. All of your posts have been very informative and helpful. I appreciate your help! Regards, Scott
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