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  1. Yes, this works! I was just curious if there's a way to do it without overwriting one of the effects I have set to one of the 6 footswitches.
  2. Hey everyone, Loving this new HX effects and have my head wrapped around most of it but still have two questions: 1) How do I create a block that has no FTSW assignment w/o affecting the rest of the preset or overwriting one of my 6 effect patches. For example: I want a boost at the start of a chain in a preset, how can I set that up without screwing with any of the other effects I've dialed in. 2) How do I set a FTSW to turn on 2 effects at the same time? For example a drive and an EQ both turned on by FTSW 3. Thanks a lot.
  3. It would be purely for experimentation / jamming or trying to create weird sounds/layers. In short, it would be REALLY great to be able to just set a BPM / Subdivision per block, without the TAP, much like you can now with MS. The ability to have BPM control and toggle "Tap On" or "Tap Off" would be a welcome addition. I would think way more players rely on BPM vs MS, just from my experience - especially anyone even remotely involved with electronic music of any kind. I'm getting the hang of it, but it's not ideal for us BPM guys. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Just curious if there's any way to see an effect's current BPM in the scribble strip. The name is nice but I'd love to use that space for some more pertinent info. If not, is there a way to see BPM without leaning down and touching the tap button? Thanks.
  5. Thanks guys, I guess the frustration is that on my dd500 if a delay can't hit a time due to "analog" limitations it tells you by limiting the bpm. The HX shows you the bpm you selected no matter what even if it can't do it.
  6. Hey there, New to Helix stuff w/ an HX Effects I picked up last weekend. Loving a lot about this but really finding delay programming frustrating coming from a DD-500 (and Timeline as well). I'm trying to find out of if it's a pedal limitation and/or user error. It's a new "ecosystem" for me so maybe I'm just doing it wrong. I'm a BPM guy, so is my drummer, hell...so is my whole band. The BPM integration on this pedal seems extremely lacking with a reliance on just MS. I've found BPM can be set using the Tap switch w/ subdivisions but I'm having issues with certain delays just not recognizing the BPM set here (Elephant Man, Brigade). The manual was really disappointing in terms of information on individual effects info, for example: Delay time ranges. For example: I set an Elephant Man patch to 110 BPM - 1/1 works fine as do faster speeds however If I set the BPM down to 60 for longer delay times not only does it not do 60bpm but it doesn't change at all. I understand the delay may have a time limitation, but what's odd is that if I go into the patch and manually reduce time via MS it does slow down to those speeds (or close to). Other Issue I'm having: If I use what seems to be the only method to use BPM on this pedal (tap tempo and note subdivision) - that means I can't have ANY other tap effects that I want to freely tap tempos with in that preset or "board" because as soon as that happens the delays are all out of time. Is there a way to set a delay tempo via the tap/bpm and subdivisions and then LOCK that tempo? Thanks! This thing sounds great, but delays are a huge part of why I got this and not really liking the tempo options.
  7. Hoping to find some help here as I'm really struggling to dial in my delays on the HX Effects coming from my DD-500 and Timeline. I'm loving so much about this pedal but have to say really not enjoying the interface so far but it might be due to user error. I like to set a BPM and then note subdivisions for all delay sounds and my band uses a lot of very carefully tuned delay patches. The DD-500 and Timeline both do this easily and extremely well. I realize on the HX you can do this on presets by touching the Tap button, set the BPM and then set the tempo to a subdivision. This works great provided no other pedals in that preset or "board" use tap tempo because as soon as the tap is tapped the carefully timed delay is all out of whack even if it's deactivated. For example: pedal 1 is a delay w/ a carefully set bpm and subdivision - pedal 2 is a modulation that I want to experiement w/ tap tempos. As soon as this happens, even if the delay is deactivated the delay is completely out of time with the song. The only other alternative seems to be to use Ms as a tempo - this doesn't work for me - is there a way to switch to BPM? Is it possible to set the delay time via this method and then deactivate the tap switch for that preset? Help! Thank you.
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