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  1. Hi radatats, thanks for your explication but it confuses me a bit probably because english is'nt my language: So you use an amp model in the HD (Fliptop in ypur proposed patch) and mute it. I think this means, that you switch it to "off" in HD500edit? Now i would expect that the DT stays in channel A wich ist the standard channel for modelled amps coming from the POD, but you write that DT switches in this way to channel B witch is the channel used (as standard) when no amp model is programmed in the pod. So why the muted Fliptop, as, in the end, the result is the same?: Channel B on DT. Where ist the difference? And when the DT has switched to channel B, does the resulting tone does'nt depend on the settings for topology, Pentode/Triode.... wich were last made manually on the DT? Sorry for this perhaps dumb question and my confusion, but the routing in HD and DT is a kind of mystery to me :unsure:
  2. if i understood right, if there's no amp chosen in the Pod, the DT will use his standard preamp model wich depends on the selected voicing? So a preset basing on "no amp selected" will sound different, depending on your former preselection on the DT. Independent from the preamp model and the poweramp section, it will always be hard to get a ccoustic sound from an amp made for electric guitar as the speaker in such an amp is not made for neutral reproduction but für sound forming. i made a quick and dirty measurement of the line6 celestion G12H90 from my DT25 Combo: So there's a lot of midrange and just few bass and treble but both are needed für acoustic sounds more then für electric sounds. Other guitar speakers have a similar behaviour. I found some pretty good acoustic sounds in the customtone database and they all base on the utilisation of lots of EQing to eliminate the guitar speakers character. And with a lot of WQing, there often come a lot of unwanted noise. For the moment i feel therefore more comfotable to play my HD500 in a linear bass amp with tweeter (homemade combo with a markbass amp, a faital 15 FH500 and a Faital HF500 with tactrix horn ST500. Fore some sounds, HD+DT sounds still better to my ears, especially with a powersoak, but with a neutral amplification i'm more flexible and get easier the same sounds live and when recording ;) In fact, for some things i'm to stupid for the line6 link (even if it's basically a great idea), so if i have a similar (linear) environment for both livesound and recording, the world is a bit more easy for me.
  3. sometimes there are wonders :) After 2 hours i tried again without powersoak - 45 minutes at moderate level - no problems. Class A/AB - Triode/Pentode, everything worked. Then the hard test with master volume at 75% and Powersoak (correct cabling this time), no problems within half an hour. So a defective hardware becomes more and more doubtful. In the forum of the powersoak manufacturer (tubetown) someone said to have found something about a protection-circuit of the speaker outputs. He found this on the line6 homepage but without detailed information how this mechanism is constructed. For the moment i hope, that this device protected the poweamp from melting. Perhaps it is a kind of thermistor as you supposed. Perhaps i had a lot of luck today ;)
  4. hmmm - strange: The DT25 is running at livingroom-level now for about 45 minutes - everything works as it should. Voicings, Penthode/Triode......no problem. Perhaps a heat problem during the first trials, but i was shure that really everything was cooled down after my mistake. So i'll watch this further and than i will push it a bit with the powersoak. If everything's fine after, i don't understand what happened. When the tone was going away, there was no noise, no hum, no crackeling and even no relay clicking. Just as somebody hat turned mastervolume down quickly. If everything's not fine, i'll try to change the tubes and bias them...we will see.
  5. Hi Brazzy, thanks for feeling with me :) Yes, I removed the amp out of the combo. As far as i can see - I see nothing. No black marks from burning, no blown fuses. In his last seconds, it smellt a little bit unusual but not much and i can't find the source. Might it help to change the tubes? I still have the old set wich i changed because of a bit noise but i think that, if a tube would be blown away, the amp would'nt work/sound at all?? The powersoak ist 100% OK, but for the moment it's not linked to the amp.
  6. Hi, this morning i made a really big mistake by connecting a powersoak to my DT25/112: I linked the 8Ohms output of the Amp to the output of the ps and the 16 ohms speaker to the input of the ps. The ps was switched to 16 ohms. So i did everything wrong what i could :huh: (never play guitar or connect amps before the first coffee) and played a while with mastervolume nearly at 100% and the ps reducing to moderate room level. This worked for about 5 minutes (i wondered a bit about the relativley harsh sound), than there was no sound anymore and i started to detect my mistake. After turning off the amp and switching on again after a while, it worked some minutes without any problem but than again - no more sound at all - just a very light hum. No, now all connection are ok, ich checked twice ;) I finally measured what i've done - so i used the amp at full power at a load of about 0.7 ohms DC at the 8 ohms output. I understand that i've blown away my amp cause i was stupid but i don't understand why it works normally for some minutes? When the sound stops, i can't hear something of interest like a relay or something - it just stops sounding. Has anybody an idea? Thanks a lot and sorry for my english, i'm still learning Michael
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