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  1. OK thanks, one last question. I have a matched pair of Sovtek 12AX7-LPS tubes I have not used. With they be OK for the preamp? Do you have any experience with them?
  2. Thanks for the reply. I've read your other posts about tubes. I bought this amp used. I just checked out the tubes and noticed a full JJ tubes set for both power and pre amp. It appears to be this Eurotubes Line 6 package with the 6l6GCs. https://www.eurotubes.com/store/pc/Line-6-Spider-Valve-100HD-Standard-Retube-Kit-601p1983.htm Are you saying this is a dangerous option and I should retube with the stock tubes you have previous mentioned? If so do they all need to be replaced or just the power quad?
  3. I had a similar problem with a master volume being scratchy and sketchy at lower volumes. i had to set it at about 50% to calm things down. I then put and external volume control pot in the effects loop to control the level of the signal getting to the power section. It seems to work OK but what I've read from your comments I am starting to think maybe this is a bad idea...
  4. I had a similar problem with a master volume being scratchy and sketchy at lower volumes. i had to set it at about 50% to calm things down. I then put and external volume control pot in the effects loop to control the level of the signal getting to the power section. It seems to work OK but what I've read from your comments I am starting to think maybe this is a bad idea...
  5. Hey Friends, So my trusty spider valve 1st gen 100 w head is my current "go to" live amp. I play it through a vintage 30 loaded 4x12 cab. In general, I am happy with the rock tones I am getting. However there is a bit of a tinty, mushy, fizz I just can't seem to get rid off. No combination of presence/treble control seems to control it without making the amp sound like I am playing through a closed door. My amp selection of choice is the blue crunch which is described as "plexi on fire" in the manual. It being higher gain I expect a bit of mush but would like it to be a bit more "distinct". Any recommendations? External effects? Tube changes? Settings? Thanks!
  6. Hello, I recently picked up an old SV mk 1 112 and the old full control floor board. I am familiar with the line 6 amps and the use of channel volume vs master volume. I've been experiencing a volume issue. Randomly the volume will get really loud. Often switching to another patch and back will correct the problem. It was getting so annoying that I went set the individual channel volumes to Max on my personal patches thinking that might solve the issue. No luck, I still see random huge spikes in volume. Other symptoms.. The master volume pot is scratchy at low levels The wah on the floor board has a HUGE volume increase when engaged. These are the old versions. there is no way to edit them via a computer. Any ideas to try appreciated. I like the sound of the amp when it is behaving!
  7. Just to give some background, I play in a fairly busy cover band playing typical bar rock standards. Everything from Van Halen to Van Morrison. I always looked to the line 6 for live versatility for pop to standard rock to heavy rock tones and ease of transport (not really heavy metal). I was never quite satisfied with the overdrive tone I was able to get. I've used my HD300 direct, through a Crate Power block, through a Tech 21 powerstation, marshall head, 8081 power amp, various other tube and solid state amps, etc. Every combination of front of amp, effects loop, etc. Just never could get that "headroom, sharp, cut through, not fizzy, ballsy" OD I was looking for. I read all the suggestions, went through all the settings...just never quite got there for me. I didn't need a bunch of effects, just a basic setup. I recently picked up a 1st generation Spyder Valve 112 used on the cheap just to try it out. It was OK, I actually like the built in crunch tones better than anything I was able to get out of my HD300 + everything else. Just for fun I tried running the HD300 in the Effects loop return of the Spyder Valve using just as a power amp. Finally!! A really good OD tone (sort of "brown soundish".) Just wanted to post this that if anyone else is having trouble getting that type of "rock tone" that isn't too metal but not too whimpy, and you can find a spyder valve on the cheap, give it a try! HD + Power Amp In (effects return) on the Spyder Valve. Best combination (to my ears) I've heard. (short of spending a lot more money).
  8. Can you get it to stay full on? A work around might be to put an external volume pot in the effects loop. They are cheap or can be made easily with some basic electronics skill.
  9. Hello, I recently acquired a used Spyder Valve 1x12 and FBV foot controller both version 1. Everything seems OK except when I use the wah and then turn it off, my selected channel volume is much louder. Anyone experienced this? I tried the standard FBV pedal calibration method (hold down D channel and power on) but this does not appear to work with FBV version 1. Any ideas? It is very annoying when trying to use the setup for a live gig situation.
  10. Thanks for the response. I've never been able to get a good tone going direct to the PA out it. Always mushy sounding and overly compressed with no "cut". Mind you I have not had the opportunity to mess around with it that much as I do not own the PA I typically have to play through. Thanks for the patch link. If you have any others you can recommend that would work on the HD300 feel free to link them. I will give them a try. I find the custom tone site somewhat hard to plow through to find something good.
  11. Stumbled across this post as I have been looking at upgrading from my HD300 to a HD500X. I also like the DT25 combo amps. I don't need a lot of features. Good OD/Distortion, some chorus, delay, singing leads, patch convenience. I've gotten an OD tone I "like" out of the HD300 using a Brit Plexi J-45 preamp model and a bit of Tube Driver for the OD pedal but it is still lacking something...clarity or edge, or balls . Just not quite there... Worth upgrading to the 500x or should I keep my HD300 and put the money toward a DT25 and use them together?
  12. Not sure if this is the place to post this but... It appears the switch under my tap tempo/tuner button is bad. Anyone know how/where to get a replacement? It looks like a small board assembly that would be easy to unplug and plug in a new one. I hate to trash the entire unit over a small part like this... I'm guessing all models (300,400, 500) all use this same part.
  13. Gave this a try last night and I do like it better than the AMP/LIVE output setting. Glad I took a look at the thread. Thanks!
  14. Hmm, never thought of that. I will try it when I get home. So when you say "Direct" do you mean the Unbalanced Output Switch set to "Line". Just want to make sure I have the terms correct. :)
  15. So what are your exact outut settings? I've been using this with my Power Engine: Unbalanced Output Switch: Amp Output Mode Switch: Live Preset Setting: Live, ComboAmp 1/4" guitar cable to amp. Is this not the preferred way to run with a Tech 21 PE 60 (celestion speaker)
  16. OK I have done some messing around and verified this is indeed happening. When I go to the tuner, then back to bank 1 there is a volume and presence loss in all patches. If I switch banks and then go back to bank 1, the volume and presence returns. Also if I power down the unit and back on it seems to have this volume and presence loss until I switch banks and back. I tried reinstalling the 2.01 firmware but the issue still is happening. Anyone have any thoughts? Something else i might check.
  17. I've saved various patches with different channel volume levels. I noticed when playing out last weekend that I would suddenly lose volume and sparkle in for example patch channel 1C. By switching banks and going back to the channel i was playing on, it seemed to fix it. Has anyone experienced this before? It is quite frustrating especially when you use the unit for gigs. I believe i have the latest firmware. My setup is the PODHD300 in live mode -> LPB-1 boost pedal -> Tech 21 power engine 60. I guess it could be the amp having a problem but I'm thinking it is the PODHD because of the whole switching patches back and forth seems to fix it for a moment.
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