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  1. Hi Thank you for your reply Unfortunately I am running OS X and there are countless posts regarding issues with installing and running Gearbox on newer version of mac os. Even when I run gearbox and not have it connected to my line6 device I still get an "Error 8000A009: Unsupported patch" error when trying to load the patches. Pod Farm also wont load the patches. It gives me a different notice being something along the lines of "you do not have the correct model packs loaded". Im fairly sure it needs the metal pack. Regards
  2. Hi I have downloaded some official pod farm Polyphia patches they used on their album. I tried loading these onto my POD X3 Pro but I am getting the "Unrecognized Driver. Your Pod X3 Pro will be ignored" issue in gearbox. I've spent days trying to get them to load with no success. I was hoping someone that had pod farm could load the patches for me and send me the settings used so I can manually set them up on my POD? I will be happy to share the patches with you but have no way myself of loading and viewing the settings. Let me know if you are interested and your email address and ill send these through. Regards
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