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  1. joecaster

    Amplifi TT clean channel

    I just got an fx100 and what a disapointment...the amp models sound really bad to me. I get a better sound with my wave GTR plugin. I actually have a princeton reverb like you.
  2. joecaster

    Help, M20d Will Not See Sd Card

    Having the same problem (USB not showing in the recording screen), I think I found where the problem comes from. It came to my mind that it was happening because I created my setup from an existing one, then "saving as". So I recreated the same setup from scratch this time and now my USB is showing when I go in the recording screen. It looks like a bug happening when you "save as". I hope this helps others.
  3. joecaster

    POD HD 500 distortion problems

    Thank you guys but it's not about my single coil pickups or the amount of drive or Eq. Off course I tried that in first place. I used my tele with over driven amps or plugins and I never had such an ugly sound ever. It's something else. I need to find what.
  4. joecaster

    POD HD 500 distortion problems

    I also have get a horrible fuzzy distortion sound out of that pod HD500! I just received it today and I'm really not impressed. I tried all the distorion pedals and they all sound incredibly treebly and fuzzy. I just checked and yes I am in studio/direct mode. I have a single coil telecaster so no need for the pad. The pod goes into my line 6 stagescape mixer with headphones so I chose line out on the little 1/4" OUT switch. Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks!