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  1. I have an issue that is not so much a bug with Helix, but with the editor. I have a Dell 9550 that I thought I would use for my Helix, however, the editor on a 4K UHD 15" screen is redonkulous trying to read. I am 51 and you need the eyes of a 2-year-old to read anything. I am running Windows 10 Anniversary that has a scaling feature built in the display department but it seems that the editor does not pick up the scaling setting and stays at the way to small to read state. As it looks now, I will have to revert to my Toshiba laptop just to run the editor.
  2. I have a Helix and I have an H9 Max. The two play very well together and I can get some amazingly deep sounds with this combo. The pitch effects on the H9 are great as are the reverbs and delays. When you pair the best capabilities of both together, you will achieve KILLER sounds.
  3. knewman34

    Helix + H9

    One thing I noticed from the command center is the PC messages start at 0 on the Helix and the preset numbers start at 1 on the H9. Took a little bit to figure out why my patches were not lining up. Once I got that down it was easy peasy. The H9 actually listens to the Helix and follows its commands! (HAHA) This was my first attempt at adding a midi controlled device with my Helix, it is freakin' awesome!!
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