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  1. Question: How important/useful/significant are the extra features you get with more premium options? Example: the Atomic CLR series touts the benefits of having "Coincident Linear Reference" on their website, which I have to assume does *something* for you yea? I read their explanation of it, and I think i understand most of it, basically you have a predictable sound profile around the speaker, as opposed to having the highs be more directional than the lows? Other products will say that they are 'designed for' or 'made for' Modellers (such as the Helix). What do they mean by that? Doesn't that imply that they are not truly FRFR, but meant to accentuate the 'guitar' frequencies more? Accugrove has this sort of product range split, with guitar, modeller and bass and keyboard options. They claim that PA solutions have a different focus, for a different midrange focused on cutting through a crowd and emphasizing the vocals more - again implying that the system is not FRFR again?
  2. I think that's what made me wonder if this was possible, curious how they can 'cancel' out the effect of the mic?
  3. Yea I can understand why you would want to do that. But my idea was to feel more like I was playing an amp, so what is on stage is an 'amp' sound, and FOH receives a 'mic'd' sound. Making life harder? Yea I know haha. I was just curious.
  4. gotcha, thank you for that clarification.
  5. Yes, essentially the FRFR is a stage monitor so we can all hear each other, what others should hear is the FOH signal. Yea I've seen the TS110A mentioned around here as well, will look at that then. Thanks man
  6. Hello, With the Helix showing quite a bit of promise, I'm in the process of planning a transition for my rig, into a fully Helix based setup - basically, Guitar > Helix > FRFR + FOH. I'm doing some reading on FRFR stuff, and its kind of daunting at the moment, just need some advice to send me on my way. My current rig: Guitar > Pedals AND/OR HD500 > Peavey Classic 30 But for experimenting at home, for fun: Guitar > HD500 > Headphones/Cheap Speakers.. . 1) My first question is: What Wattage should I look for in FRFR speaker systems? I presume these are solid state amplifiers, so I cannot use the tube equivalent Wattages correct? My 30 Watt Classic 30 is hella loud, but I can still turn it down for home use and practice. FRFR amps I'm seeing have wattages in the 300-800 range? I'm looking for an FRFR system that can provide a similar or slightly softer range of volume as my Classic 30 as I can crank the amp in a live situation to be heard over the drummer, but only for having some stage volume, with the idea of using FOH to do the rest of the job. 2) Second question: Is it possible for the Helix to have this signal route? Guitar > Amp > Cab -> Mic -> FOH | -> FRFR Speaker So my stage sound would be similar to what a 'cab' would sound like on stage, while the FOH sound is equivalent to a mic'd up amp? Not crucial, just curious. 3) Third question: My budget is (at the moment, still balancing the sheets) not more than ~$400 USD (I am in Australia, so that is probably more like $650 AUD). What options should I be looking at? If given a choice I would value quality of sound over loudness, since loudness can still be compensated for in most situations (?). If the build quality is good, I am definitely open to buying used. So far I've seen things like: Atomic CLR, Line 6 L2T, Cerwin-Vega P1000x. AccuGrove Espresso etc. I value sound quality > loudness, I don't need lots of features, I just need something to make my sound loud, without changing it. Thanks guys! TL;DR, whats a cheap, good, not too loud, quality built FRFR.
  7. I might be in the minority, but speaking of stuff you probably will never have... Anyone miss their chance on an Expandora? They're discontinued, and attracted some attention because Billy Gibbons (?) used them around the Rhythmeem era. Like the Fuzz Factory, playing with knobs nets you weird sounds. I got a gen 3 Expandora for a steal so that's good, but I'm wondering what the gen 1 (with its discontinued chip) sounds like? Might Line 6 can profile it, maybe someone sell them their gen 1 with a broken footswitch (they used to break so easily) so they can deconstruct and profile the chip? :)
  8. Now that we have the DC30, as far as boutique stuff goes, sounds like a Dumble OD style amp, and a Two Rock/Steel String Singer type amp would be good additions. I would also not mind having the Mesa Mark 1 in place of the Dumble OD if I had to choose. Personally a Jubilee model would be nice (Bonamassa cravings). An attempt to achieve the S.I.R. Marshall Slash used for AFD.
  9. If my experience with the HD500 is anything to go by, I don't think so, although I could be wrong. For instance, when I place a Tape Delay (wet) behind a full amp, it craps itself. I always felt a bit of a bummer never being able to put the tape in the FX loop, where it probably won't sound so buzzed out, but still carry the dirt from the pre amp.
  10. For me, I'm hoping a future generation Helix 2.0 or equivalent, with further improved modeling of both amps and effects can allow a 'advanced user' option. This can be hidden away in the settings, and, I think realistically only used on your phone or computer interface. This can unlock some of the following abilities: - Separate pre and power amp, cab and mic blocks, to allow Frankenstein monster solutions, as well as signal chain routing options - Tonnes of adjustable parameters (one of the videos said that they got to the stage where they can adjust the sag of each individual tube?) - something like that - Advanced tone stack tweaking - Build your own amp, somehow.... to take a stab at amp profiling, maybe... it won't be easy... - Proportionally more memory to support all of that custom tweaking, as well as the inevitable model packs - A super powerful global eq That is my fantasy for now haha.
  11. oh? I never knew that, thanks. But man, yes have I fallen in love with the delays and reverbs hitting a stressed power section. Sad we can't do that... Actually with modularity being more of a thing with the Helix, I wonder if they can program that in and deliver it as a future update?
  12. Hello guys, I've got a question about what the Helix can do as far as FX loops go. Tried searching for this but haven't seen anything that answers this question, maybe I just haven't used the right terms. Can the Helix amp model blocks have an FX Loop within them, between the pre and power amp. In otherwords, just like my real life amp, there is a 'send' after the pre-amp, and a 'return' feeding into the power-amp. Guitar > Pre-amp > FX Loop > Power-amp > Cab My understanding is it cannot be done, with the closest thing possible being: Guitar > Pre-amp > Power-amp > FX Loop > Cab I'm not the most skilled when it comes to this sort of stuff, but I have been playing around with Line 6 gear for a while now, currently own a HD500, considering an upgrade to the Helix. I'm used to setting my delays and reverbs up like this to control the amount of distortion of the trails, as well as for different effects on modulation. Thanks
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