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  1. I would suggest you add a mode to make the A,B,C,D buttons assignable to effects, pedals, amps, compressors, anything located within a particular selected tone setup. Example: You have a cool blues setting on bank 1 channel C. You navigate to bank 1, step on "C" and your up and running. Now, my idea - You're going to play this channel for a while and you want to activate a Stomp Pedal, once you're in the channel you could for example press and hold the middle two buttons (B & C) for three seconds and now the device goes into that channel and all of the buttons are assigned to things in your setup. Maybe "A" is set to turn on the Stop, "B" kicks in the Chorus Pedal, etc. Just hold B & C down for another 3 seconds and you're back in "bank" mode.
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