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  1. Is Line 6 just going to remain quiet on this topic??? I've been able to run my Line 6 X3 Live since I upgraded to Catalina but I no longer have access to updates for it as there is no Line 6 Monkey available. The last thing said on this from Line 6 was that you are working on a solution. Line 6 should've been advised in advance by Apple that they were no longer supporting 32-bit software but here we, 6 months after the fact, and there is still solution or response. I've always appreciated the fact that Line 6 has been still supporting older equipment, as I certainly can't afford to upgrade, but is this Line 6's way of doing Apple's thing and forcing people to buy new equipment as it is no longer supported??? Some response would be better then nothing! Regards.
  2. Any news on Line 6 Monkey for Catalina?? I updated to Catalina before I read about Monkey not being compatible.
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