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  1. I really wish there were more editable features within the Wah effects. Maybe add in an RMC3FL type model that lets you adjust the wah depth, range, Q, low/mid/high and volume. Also, I gotta agree with Elreybrown. I'm in a regionally touring band and in just a couple short months of gigging out the cover is ripped up and looks more road worn than my 7 year old Spider 4 that I used and abused on the road. The volume and reverb knobs have broken off (At least we have redundancy in the iPad) and I'm sure the speakers are going to get knocked into and broken any day now. This was marketed as a touring live amp right? Why pour so much into making it sound great, do everything imaginable, look sleek and then skimp out on the things that would make it road worthy and last?
  2. Is the headphone output volume independent of the amps speaker output? I'm hoping to be able to use the amp on stage and have in ear monitors hooked up to the headphone output and still have the speakers pushing for stage volume since not everyone in my band have in ears. Also does the headphone out allow you to mix in the monitor inputs like the speakers on the amp?
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