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  1. amcevoy

    Firehawk tuner

    ...another year (and then some) rolls by. I'm hoping it's like London busses, you wait all that time and then a bunch turn up at the same time...
  2. I run mine in mono with a Helix and it's a) Loud b) Sounds best The wide stereo setting is a mixture of FRFR and W/D/W and still maintains a reasonable stereo image with using the big 12 speaker". Normal stereo seems to be a bit limited to the two side coaxial speakers and is most limited in volume. It'll still hurt in a small room, but for gigs I'd go mono on the Firehawk and then stereo through FOH if that's what you setup allows / requires.
  3. They generally don't respond. However, to allay your fears: 1. The FH1500 is an awesome amp. It has more uses than you will ever probably need it for, but as a guitar amp it is fantastic. I run my Helix into mine, but also use it 'solo'. My main gripe now is it's weight. I'm 'of an age' where things start to pop, but it's no heavier than an AC30. So you need to balance bang for buck vs weight vs Chiropractor bills.. 2. MIDI programming, This has been ironed out in one of the latest firmware updates (1.30.00 - it now performs as the manual). I've used an FBV Mk II with no problems. Check out the product updates in the 'downloads' section of the line6 site. Most of the original kinks have been worked out. 3. Yes there have been no updates in a while, and a variable reference frequency tuner would be nice, but to be honest it hasn't stopped me from using mine - a lot. summary of 1.30.00 update below: New Features Block Bypass, Expression controllers, and Looper functions can now be triggered by incoming MIDI CCs (MIDI DIN only). Please see the following KB article for more information: http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/amplifiers/firehawk-1500/firehawk-1500-and-midi-cc-r860 XLR output volume can now be adjusted from Live Edit Mode. This was implemented to avoid clipping the ADC prematurely. It is set to -15dB by default, to provide adequate headroom for mid to high gain tones. To edit the XLR output volume: 1. Press the preset knob to enter Live Edit Mode. 2. Scroll left to "Etc:ReAmp/MIDI/Main" and press the preset knob. 3. Scroll right to "Etc:XLR Out" 4. Turn the Main (Big) Knob to set the value.
  4. Look at it this way. Line 6 launched the FH1500 two years ago. At that time it hit most of the requirements of an FRFR - or stand alone modelling amp. I bought one as it ticked the requisite boxes - and still does. (but maaaan, the weight of the darn thing - AND NO ROLLER BAG IN THE UK!). However, the reception was underwhelming - how many online reviews have you seen of this unit in its 30(ish) month life compared with the number of reviews and plaudits for the 'more serious' PowerCab units in the past few weeks? Given that Andertons TV (who worship at the feet of Paul Hindmarsh) have only featured it once, and never in a Modelling Amp shootout with other 'well established' units sort of implies its a 'Curious Uncle' 'in the Line 6 family. Coupled with the lack of any product development in the past year (last firmware update May 2017 and I'm still waiting for the non-440Hz tuner...) So we either take solace in the fact that we still have a face-melting 1500 Watt amp that can blow any current PowerCab into oblivion, or downgrade to more portable units and accept that evolution sometimes makes the occasional mistake. What annoys me is not that they've brought out smaller, lighter units; but they've abandoned this one in its entirety so early on - probably as a result of Yamaha's influence in the business and their product line: "A 1.5KW, 6-speaker amp that no-one can lift - WTF?" Make it smaller... Ah well...
  5. I'm fairly sure it can handle MIDI through, but I can see no obvious way of actually generating messages within the unit itself.
  6. So. Firmware 1.30.00 is out and promises useful midi ports and variable output volume for XLRs. Anyone feeling brave enough to take the step and update? Still looks like the tuner is A=440Hz, but there may be a surprise... If I get a chance this week, (Ha!) I'll update and report back. TTFN Andrew
  7. According to the forums (Line 6's alternative to destroying rainforests to create manuals) there's the following entry: Q: How can I reset the FIREHAWK 1500 to its default settings? A: Press and hold the Master Volume knob and the Navigation Encoder (the scroll wheel) as you power up the unit. Unfortunately, any patches not backed up to My Tones prior to the reset will be lost It might help to disconnect the FBV3 when doing this so the poor thing doesn't get confused. Hope that helps you.
  8. Good question. There are a number of issues Line6 said they were working on / investigating.
  9. Wow. I don't have a Helix, but I do have a FH1500. Given the hype around the Helix and the FH1500 I can understand the frustration you guys are experiencing. A decent manual would have helped, but that video just shows how bad the issue is. Incontrovertible evidence... Anyone at NAMM who can get an answer off a Line 6 product manager? - who are undoubtedly showing off their latest bit of ephemera...
  10. The looper works in a fairly similar way to any 'single button' looper (See TC Electronics Flashback). The sample time is approx 40 seconds, and playback is mono. The biggest drawback is the 'cancel' feature where you hear approx 2 seconds of playback before the track is scrubbed, so it's great for practice, but probably not for live use. Hope that helps.
  11. I'd suggest referring to the Blackstar manual.
  12. I use an FBV MKII with my FH1500 and it works fine, it's a bit older than the FBV3 but it'll suit your needs and is a cheaper alternative. I play everything through the Firehawk: acoustic, bass and electric. The looper is a bit disappointing, yes; but if you are used to single-button loopers like TC-electronics then it works fine. The main downside which they should really address is the erase procedure - you hear about 2 seconds of what you've recorded. The lack of midi implementation is a hot potato. The looper midi implementation described in the manual is identical to the HD Pro X. Which works very well. A lot of people are eagerly awaiting the next firmware update.
  13. Just tried this for you. 1. I ran a guitar straight into a patch with all post-amp effects turned off. The the coaxial 'side' speakers were not used - just the 12" and the horn. Threw a little reverb in and they came to life. Delay - yep lovely. 2. I ran a single external source in mono to the XLRs and I got a variety of results depending on which XLR(s) I used: LEFT ONLY (MONO) : 12" and Horn were used, but Side Coax Speakers were not. RIGHT and LEFT (split a single source in two mono channels using a Y-splitter) Side Coax Speakers were used with 12", but horn was 'off' RIGHT only as above, but no output to left channel - fair enough. To my ears the Horn gives a fair spread to the sound even without the coaxials. There's some clever DSP going on in this thing. If you need any more info let me know.
  14. You know, my first thought on this was, nope that's not going to work as it's going to bypass the horn - like all the suggestions to use the XLR inputs. Then in a peevish moment of "oh what the hell I'm going to sell my HDProX anyway I'm fed up with everyone talking about their bloody Helix's" I decided to plug it into the return of the effects loop for a blank patch. Just to convince myself that it wouldn't sound any better... It sounded amazing, and I'm fairly sure the horn is still being driven (I taped a sock over it and the sound is diminished - ergo horn is not bypassed - can't comment about state-of-the-sock). Just for references I had the guitar mix set at about 50% and the effects loop on the FH1500 in 'mic' mode. On the HDPROX I was using the unbalanced outputs set to Line and the volume all the way up - eventually - start low!. Crank the main volume on the FH1500 'to taste' as they say in recipe guides. Remember to use a blank patch on the FH1500 so there is no additional tonal coloration. Set up a comparable Plexi 100 Bright patch on the HDPROX and FH1500 (not at the same time) and the HDPROX has it when the volume goes up. Not sure if the XLR outs on the HDPROX will work any better, but might give it a go If I can find the leads... Andrew
  15. Had similar problems. I think it has to do with the Bluetooth APIs in mobile operating systems not working 100% with the Bluetooth on the amp. You are unlikely to get a response from Line 6 here. They seem to have a policy of 'do not confirm or deny anything'... I've had mine for 6 months now and live the sounds I can get from it, but there are niggles which I'm sure the manufacturer is well aware of, but they are ominously quiet. Should you get any update please let us all know.
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