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  1. if I mute a channel will it still be recorded on the SD card when recording mic inputs only.
  2. I did a factory reset on my M20d and it seems to be stuck on the "setting up stagescape m20d (please do not turn off power) for over a half hour now. don't want to turn it off for fear of screwing something up. Any help would be appreciated
  3. can you use a 64gig thumb drive or is 32 the limit. thanx
  4. hi, I missed the new features mentioned and can't find the link.. does anybody have a list or a new link. thanx
  5. Does version of I-pad matter....i can't seem to find the answer...sorry if i missed it.
  6. would be nice if line6 would give us the heads up on if they are even planning on it. This being in limbo sucks. I to don't want to spend the big bucks for the ipad name and have android tab as is. so if they are not planning on it in the near future please let us know so we then can deal as we see fit.
  7. i do both.....i record both inputs and mains.....then mix the mains for a listening tape to by consensus pick the best of then i import the input files to the daw and mix there...i keep the board at hand with the setup loaded and using deep tweak up on the screen....try to get as close a sound to the board if i like the sound on the board on the individual channel on the daw.
  8. bassforlife2013 has asked me to save my scenes and email them so he can view what i have been doing but for the life of me i am not sure how to go about it. Any help would be appreciated. thanx
  9. bassforlife 2013: not sure what you are requesting but if you explain further i will try to oblige
  10. I have had the M20d for about 2 1/2 months....and have had about 6 or 7 gigs using it....starting with the week i got it. I have been told on numerous occasions at different small venues how it was the best sound they have heard in each one. I deep tweak alot but i think that is a matter of preference more than anything. Mostly for eq and global effects...makes me think i am doing alot more than i really am... lol...anyway not only is the live sound fantastic but the recordings have been equally as good. And when i mix them in Cubase well its a really really satisfying experience. I do alot of "jam" nites where band members and instruments change frequently and the board makes that process go a whole lot easier and faster....and as the band members have been known to say that board is almost "mark proof."
  11. ahhhhhhh....tried that but my fat fingers got in the way....lol...works fine
  12. I was just wondering if there was a way to move the channel views around in performance or setup etc. In other words I know there is 3 pages you can slide to fit more channels but is there a way to arrange them so that what i use most is on the first page...instead of how you originally set it up. for example....if i have a kick drum mic'd and i know i will not be touching the settings again for the night is there a way to exchange it with another channel on the second page which i might be accessing more. In other words sliding the pages over everytime you want to access what is on the other page is a pain during a live mix...thanx
  13. record level meters for the tracks would surely be helpful... I use a separate monitor mix for the main PA feed and the main outs for recording because we don't want all the instruments coming thru the main pa or monitors. I get such a wide variation on the recording signals when i play back that it would be nice to have at least some control over that or at least some way to let us see if we need to boost or reduce signal. thanx
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