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  1. hey, could you find any solution for this issue? i have the same problem too

  2. i have the same issue for many years. i couldn't find any sollution but this one; hold outputs and go to system menu. roll tone 1 from w/v to twk and save. now you can use your tone. do this to all tones. but this way, you can't use volume pedal or wah, just use the tone. i know this is not the sollution, but still better than nothing. if there is a sollution, please post here.
  3. i turned it unlocked but its still the same :(
  4. Hi, i left my x3 live in the bar i played for a couple days. When i go back, i saw that all my tone 2's became a tone called "Bad". How can this be done? Is it something technical? I don't believe that one of my friends in the bar could delete all my tone 2s and paste the tone Bad. Can anyone help me? the proof:
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