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  1. If I reset to factory presets I was able to then load the factory presets. All is well. No more error -1116 issues.
  2. Thanks for the great patches/IRs. I've been using them since yesterday. They are my simple go to for my lower end stuff. I have found these patches focus more on the heavy side of things where as some of the others guys more rockish while great never really translated well to some of my other gear. All in all I hope keep up the good work!
  3. I use the Shur RL with my Helix. Basically tube head 8ohm speaker load into RL -> Line Out into a FX Loop Return 1 then I'll place a Cab block after. You can also use the AUX input on Helix and create a dedicated path for effects if need be. It's pretty straight forward.
  4. Hello, I'm missing some key effects I used on the HD500 series (filters, mods - obi-wah, pattern tremolo, growler) and such are sorely missed for my uses on Helix. I am considering getting a M9 to pair with my Helix floor. How difficult is it to do the whole MIDI, loop block patch syncing deal? I've never messed with MIDI beyond recording a single channel from a MIDI keyboard into a DAW. I'm looking to buy used M series board so this is sort of a "will this work or not?" I'm guessing MIDI would only handle changing presets? Or can MIDI do all sorts of things like change the effect, then say use EXP2 to control a filter parameter (like on the HD series). ...ideally having these in Helix would be best :-)
  5. I think you would need to look into the USB reamp features? If I recall don't you need to get some tones out of the Helix using an amp that is similar to the processed tone that you are trying to match? It's been so long since I've done that stuff.
  6. Well this is quite an interesting patch. I also use 3Sigma and have some of the OH libraries. May I ask which ones you picked? I haven't tried any OH stuff in a really long time since my AFXII days. Thanks for the patch I've never seen something like this before hehe.
  7. Plus one for the Horizon :-) Got one in Loop 2. I thought the gate would be tighter but after a week I realize it's purpose is to avoid that hard gating and have a more organic type gate. Mind posting your patch? Would be interested in trying it with my Horizon PD and similar setup you have rocking over there.
  8. Kick lollipop riff at 2:40. Great tone as well.
  9. I use my Helix to do various things and one of them is to use my PRS Archon 100 watt head with my Helix. I have PRS Archon 100 (running at 50w) into a Suhr Reactive Load at 8ohms. The RL output is a 1/4 TS unbalanced signal which goes into Helix Return 2 (set to line level). I have send 1 set to instrument which then feeds into the PRS amp input. Problem is I get a buzz when the loop is activated (send 1 into return 2). The issue seems to be with USB grounding. If I disconnect the USB cable the hum/buzz goes away and I can use the Helix as a pre/post FX center with my PRS head while Helix. I was considering a XHum adapter but wasn't sure if that should go on the Helix, the PRS head or my computer. Right now the only way I can record with Helix is to just use Return 2 with the guitar going right into the PRS head but that means I can't use any effects pre, only post efx (delay, reverb and such). Ideas?
  10. I also have a set of IK iLoud Micro Monitors and they are indeed awesome. Great for Helix and just great all around speakers for monitoring or enjoying music through. The Bluetooth is a bonus I thought I would never use but it has come quite handy. Don't let the size fool you.
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