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  1. thats a pretty good idea, i just have a slight reservation with the idea that it's not working perfectly. another question i had is if the addons i've bought already, would perfectly fine with the the Hardware independent copy? it seems obvious that they would be but just to be on the heads up i though i would throw it out there.
  2. i have pf 2.5 now it would just be nice to have the hardware independent version. along with the expanded lifespan not limited to the ux-1 Thank you by the way.
  3. Podfarm 2 I got the ux-1 some time after Line 6 decided to throw pf2 in package instead of pf1
  4. Hello i've been using podfarm 2.5 almost as long as i have been playing guitar, through my UX-1, but my ux-1 is slowly on its way out (not working all the time) and i've gotten a bigger interface for my band that we use when we record our stuff. I've already bought some add on packs. I was wondering if there are any discounts for the hardware independent version of podfarm 2.5 standard, sense i've already spent the money on the original ux-1 interface and have spent money on the add ons to it. I would rather not have to find something else and loses everything i've invested in podfarm once the ux-1 dies, plus it would be nice to free up a USB port and not have to have 2 interfaces plugged in (one for the original license and the other for recording 5 people).
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