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  1. Thanks man! This was really helpful! Might just give it a go and see what happens. Thanks again :)
  2. Hello Is it possible to use the Helix hx effects to switch between all four channels on a ENGL powerball amp? I have previously had problems with channel switching when using a Carl martin octa switch. When using this I can only switch between clean and crunch channels when using a mono jack. When I use a stereo jack I can switch between crunch and lo-gain, but I want to be able to switch between clean and lo lead (can't even access the hi-lead channel). Is it possible to choose any of the four channels I want when connecting the helix hx to my channel gain input on the back of my amp? I haven't bought a Helix yet cause this is a very important feature for me, so I want to be sure it can do it before buying. Thanks :)
  3. I'm really just interested in the effects of the helix as I like the sound of my ENGL powerball as it is, so I don't think the floor unit is the way to go for me. Hopefully the hx can do this if the floor unit can
  4. Hello I am thinking about buying a Helix HX effects and i have some questions that I hope can be answered. I play in a two piece band where I play both the guitar and bass simultaneously (kinda like Royal Blood). I split my signal through an a/b box with one signal going to my guitar amp and one signal going to my bass amp, so I can switch one or the other on or off if I need to play a part with guitar only or bass only. In my bass chain I run a Ehx micro pog to drop my guitar one octave down to sound more like a bass. My guestion is: Is it possible to do the same thing with a Helix HX effects? To run two separate signal chains at the same time to two different amps, each with their own effects? Ex. Clean with reverb and delay going into my guitar amp, and one octave down with fuzz going to the bass amp. And then with the push of one button either switch off the guitar or the bass? Hope someone can help me :)
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