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  1. Hi Dennis, I am not Phil, but from my short time of owning the HD500X and then trying out the Helix, the Helix is a major improvement. However the overdrives and high gain are still not as good as the AX8 IMHO. The Helix does have far cooler bells and whistles and an expression pedal and easy to program from the unit. Tempting. But I have decided to stay on the waiting list for the AX8. But the Helix is FAR better on several levels than the HD500X. my .02
  2. I have been considering the purchase of the Helix but find it amazing that there is no editor. I went over to a local that owned one so he could show me around. He had to have it up on a table to demo. Hardly foot pedal. Seems like everyone understands how convenient a computer editor would be for this marvelous tool. Makes not sense why Line 6 has not come up with one yet.
  3. Just bought HD500X and was able to download the edit. I downloaded Monkey as well so I could update the Firmware on my unit which says it is on FW:V1.00. I am having the exact same problem, Monkey installs but will not launch in a usable form - the Monkey bobs up and down on the dock for a bit before I can see "Application not responding." THIS IS FRUSTRATING Would sure like to update my new HD500X with the latest firmware!!!!!!! HELP ANYONE?
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