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  1. Try Pod Farm 2, it is supposed to support TonePort UX2 (and UX1) and be High Sierra compatible.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply, I just dropped off the amp at the shop yesterday. I'll mention what you said to the tech today. I wonder if this is why the amp is so loud. It is almost impossibly loud.
  3. Very interesting stuff. I have just had a Mk II fixed up to deal with the overheating DSP issue, and I wonder if it's going to come back due to the tubes running hot. Would like to know if your fan modification is still running without issues. My post is here http://line6.com/support/topic/12240-new-tubes-overheating-in-amp/ Thanks, Brian
  4. BluesSlider

    New Tubes overheating in amp.

    Greetings All, Why would a MkII Bogner with new TungSol 5881's run so hot it is damaging the pc board at the point where the tube sockets are soldered into the board? I just had a MKii fixed up (got it when it was in need of repair, it was making loud bursts of noise) and the amp tech only replaced a resistor and the tubes. It's sounding great with a new pair of 5881's, even though I have to adjust all the channel volumes down to 30% to bring the master volume up to 9 o'clock in order to have a usuable volume. Since I got the amp home I've noticed the odor of melting insulation/components. It's very subtle, but it's there. When I took the head out of the combo I noticed a small whitish residue around the solder pins. It looked like salt water had dried and left a spot of salt residue. Each pin of the tube socket of each of the 5881's had it around the solder point for the tube socket. When I took out the tubes, the odor was much stronger, and the plug end of the tubes smells strongly of burnt plastic. So it seems like the tubes are overheating in the socket. I've played one gig with it and this is the result. It was on for an hour, then off for 45 minutes, then on for a couple hours. The smell is very faint when the amp is all together. I am wondering is it possibly over-biased? The amp tech I had work on it said a lot about how hard it is to get Line6 schematics and parts since they moved to China. Should I take it back or find another tech? Blues