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  1. I think I have a similar problem. I'm fairly sure that a botched firmware update left my amp brain dead. Before the update, it worked. Only one light (A) comes on and it won't respond to a direct USB update. I did all the hardware resets. nothing happened. I'm wondering how much a firmware update costs and why it has to be sent to a technician to do the update.
  2. I had the very same problem. I connected my phone to the amplifier and the BT connection worked fine (I played some music). When I started the iPhone app, the app just froze. I tried that several times. Then i downloaded a new copy of the app... same problem. Then I powered the amp down. After that it was completely dead. So, I tried doing a few factory resets. No luck. Then I downloaded the USB firmware updater to my Mac. I ran that and the window was black. No way to force a firmware update. I believe the problem is that the firmware is corrupted and it cannot be reset with the normal factory reset (master volume knob and tone button pressed while powering up). So, I'm lost. I've submitted a request and haven't heard anything from Line 6 yet.
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