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  1. Thank you @rd2rk - I'll give that a try this week and read the manuals. I can't "man mode" this one.
  2. Hi, I bought an HX Effects yesterday, absolutely loving the tones and functions. Now I am looking to delve into using MIDI to change the channel on my Blackstar Series One 45; to change from 'Warm Clean' with an Orange LED to 'Super Crunch' with a Red LED, changing between these two on a footswitch press. Any advice please? This is the first time I've ever used MIDI and I'm not fully sure what to do. Thank you all.
  3. Lovely selection of amplifiers on this. It's looking more and more obvious I need £1000+ saved by August haha.
  4. Sorry to hijack, but also, a Step Phaser would be pretty cool to have on the Helix. Would mean I wouldn't need to get a Marshall Regenerator clogging up my 'board. I'd paste a link to my ideascale link but it seems my browser is having a hissy fit.
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