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  1. Apple MacBook Pro 15" 2016 OSX High Sierra Logic Pro X 10.4.1 Helix Edit 2.5.2 Helix Firmware 2.5.4 We had a problem with our Helix when all of a sudden it would crash when connected into a Logic Session. We discovered that it was tied to Logic's Control Surfaces when, in Logic, we selected "Logic Pro X-->Control Surfaces-->Bypass All Control Surfaces". This would allow the Helix to connect to the computer without crashing, but be unusable in Logic. We then found a Logic Pro forum post referencing how to reset the control surfaces preference. To do this, we Quit Logic. We went to "User Library (Finder-->Go-->[Hold Alt/Option] Library)-->Preferences" and deleted the file "" When we restarted Logic and connected the HELIX, everything was working again! Hope this helps others with our problem.
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