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  1. Of course...this also does feedback simulation and so much more. Pretty Sweet!!
  2. This can be done on a Helix...pretty neat idea
  3. Hey Hideout...I get what you are saying. I went for almost 2 full months on one patch because it did everything that I wanted and I really enjoyed 'playing' (crazy concept...I know). I upgraded and personally was not super stoked about any of the new amps, but let me tell you, the new Xotic comp and boost are worth every last minute updating the unit. I also owned a RE-301 for 20 years and the RE-201 is so mushy and good...it's a tonal beast. I been having a great time listening to all of the current models that I use and setting them on fire with those new effects. My high gain stuff is SO much better now. Also a shout out to Chad Boston for the OTB settings...blending that with a built in cab or IR is amazing. That stuff has me excited and back to tweaking with a smile. btw...my old patches that I was digging for 2 months still sound stellar and none of the updates got in the way of my enjoyment of where I had been with the Helix. It is an amazing unit and the L6 guys keep making it even more of a beast. Cheers!
  4. OK...not sure that this is going to help anyone else but I did have a setting in the global settings for footswitches that I rolled back and now I do not experience any issues with the blank scribble strips. It was the 8 pedals or 10 pedals setting. I would prefer to keep it on 10 pedals but when I switch it back to 10 I start to have the intermittent blanking of the SS. When I switch it back to 8 pedals...I am golden. Please fix this L6!!!
  5. I have been experiencing the same problems. The blank scribble strips occurs almost immediately when I turn on the unit. Initially on the original firmware I experienced a full black screen and had to do a factory reset. I am now on the latest firmware and I have not had another black screen but the black scribble strips is not fun. I have to shut off the pedal and start it again. I hope L6 is taking this one seriously. I am ready to ship this back to the dealer and get my money back. Early adopters should not be beta testers for crap like this. Almost everyone I have spoken to who owns a helix has had some kind of black screen issue so far. What gives???!!!
  6. bpapina

    Available effects

    Hey DI - Is there any way to list the included cab models in the Helix?
  7. Hey Scott - I completely agree with your analysis. I have been playing trems for 30+ years and I have never experienced one that would not work with angled springs. In fact, Michael Casswell sets almost all of his guitars up with this approach and he is a fantastic trem player (Jeff Beck Style). That is why I didn't even think that I would have to move my springs from the angled style since I have 8-9 other guitars set up in this manner and they play incredibly (both floyd rose, fender, wilkinson and fender traditional bridges). I don't even own a hard tail. Hi Jandrio - I don't have my camera with me but this pic (which I robbed from the internet) is how the springs are setup now This is how I did have them set (and how all of my other guitars are setup
  8. As a guy that has been rockin' a rubber band on the looper for over 3 years...I am digging the button guard idea. Noice!
  9. I think the reason for the significant difference in 'performance' of the piezos on the E, B and G strings was because of the excessive tension on those strings (at least in my case). The benefit that I am realizing at this moment is that the sustain of those strings is much better than it had been when I could barely bend them. The harmonics are another piece that is better which would also attribute to the way the guitar was reacting to the angled springs. My fingers know where to go to elicit pinch harmonics and they were not working and if I was able to get one it would not ring out properly. Since the strings were not reacting as they should have, I can only imagine that the piezo, and in turn the variax software was confused by the result and reacted appropriately (in a bad way). Another thought that I had is that the trem was not floating as it should. I assumed that the wires attached to the circuit board screwed into the trem block were causing the trem to bind and not float like a normal trem. After the spring change, I don't feel the lag or binding in the trem like before as it floats now like a proper trem. I did move the springs back last night to see if I was confused in my experience and it went right back to playing like crap. My springs will remain straight from now on. I am all about filing this under 'odd' but definitely wanted to post this if it can help anyone else. As I said before, my enjoyment of this guitar has increased immensely based on how it plays now.
  10. Hey Charlie - It's not a mystery...maybe I didn't word my findings correctly but I wasn't talking about the action. The action did not change. The problem was that the E, B & G strings were very difficult to bend when the springs were connected at an angle. With the springs moved to the outside positions and straight bending was a breeze. As far as I can tell (although it could be a little different) the action did not change. When I was talking about the E & B strings being 'low' I meant the volume of the two strings (I will edit the original post to clarify). From what I have read on this forum and others this has been a widely reported issue that many have experienced with the Spank and T models on the JTV when the firmware change from 1.9 to 2.0.
  11. The high e was so tight with the springs the other way that it felt like an 11 or 12. Now it bends like a 10 should. All I can imagine is that the extra tension on the E & B were messing with the piezo or how the JTV reacted to the imbalance in the tension. The other big change was how pinch harmonics are so much easier to pull off on the G string where they were a struggle before. Worked wonders for me...that's all I've got to say. Hopefully if someone else has the same issue they can at least try this change and see if it helps them out.
  12. It didn't make any sense to me either Charlie but the playability is so much better. The difference was significant. I've been setting up and working on guitars for years and I've never had this happen. The guitar plays like my PRS now.
  13. [Hopefully this info will help others] I purchased a JTV-69 approx 2 months ago and had it set up. The guitar sounded great but I was experiencing two problems: The action was great but the strings were very difficult to bend. I have been playing for over 30 years and have pretty tough fingers so the tension even surprised me. I had the guitar setup with D'Addario EXL110 10-46 (which I have been using on all of my guitars for years) and tuned to Eb. I like my trems to have the same feel and play like Brad Gillis. Sadly, this trem was way off the mark. The high E & B string volume were very low compared to the other strings on the Spank and T models. I have always been a two spring guy with trem systems and I always direct the springs towards the center of the claw at an angle. Today I decided to move the springs when I was making some adjustments to the setup. I set them up so that they are on the far sides of the claw and straight...HOLY CRAP!!! This guitar plays SO much better. Honestly, better tone, playability, ease of bends, pinch harmonics were easier to hit...on and on. The other GREAT thing was when I plugged it in and went through a few of the models the E & B strings that had previously been very low in volume and crappy sounding were perfect (I'm using the latest firmware 2.1) on the Spank and T Models. I did have a slight negative issue associated with this change...the high frequency 'ringing' that others have mentioned reared it's ugly head. I fixed mine with a shoe lace around the headstock but have seen others remedy this problem with Velcro and other neck wraps. To me this was not a problem and easily corrected. Anyway...not sure if this will work for everyone but it has made my life SO much better. Can't wait to get the latest 2.6 firmware and new model packs for my HD500...my JTV is ready SON!!!
  14. I get how it works...just bummed that a company known for simulating amps, pickups, etc would have done a better job simulating a guitar cable. When I play with the guitar cable the guitar sounds and feels like a normal guitar when using the stock pickups. When I switch and use the VDI cable and select variax mags on the HD500 the result does not sound like a normal guitar pickup. The point it, if you are used to the imperfection of guitar --> cable ---> amp then you will like using a 1/4" cable. If not, then the VDI will suffice.
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