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  1. Ohhhhhh another gatekeeper, praaaiiisssseee beee!!!!!!
  2. LMAO. "Piling on' ... yeah okay r2d2...
  3. No I'm not. No I'm not. I haven't done that. I'm not the guy that r2d2 was referring to.
  4. I've probably mentioned the 2203 about 3 times in the last 7 years, but ok. Pretending that I (or anyone else) thinks everyone's use case should be ours, just because we happen to want an amp model that hasn't been included since the launch of the problem, ... well... I mean, there is very little logic to that. But you can think what you want.
  5. Authenticity is paramount, and I hope Line6 picks up an original 2203, and fully models it, and nails the tone that some of us want. I'm not tired of the conversation at all. I'm a bit tired of naysayers who think their usecases should be everyone else's as well.
  6. Polyphonic pitching shifting has been around for a while now. The WhammyDT is at least 3 years old. Would definitely love some polyphonic whammy action in the Helix. Yes indeedy.
  7. Well you can't create a merge or split block. They get created automatically depending on how you've got your effects laid out. Once they get created you can move them.
  8. I'm hoping for new reverbs so I can feel 100% comfortable about flogging my Blue Sky. Then a few more delays (and improvements to the reverse delay) and I can flog my Timeline too! ;)
  9. I don't think what I said was particularly fanboi-ish. Certainly not worth the barbing I just received for making a completely logical statement. I've put many things into Ideascale, including very popular requests for amps such as the EVH5150III and the Diezel VH4. I've even spoken directly to Digital Igloo and suggested some things that I thought would be benefical. I've even voiced my opinion on the unit after testing it out here in London back in September, and explaining some of the limitations of it. I've been very fair. Characterising me as not being willing to hear criticism, or only wanting to hear glowing reviews... . I didn't attack your tone. I merely questioned your over-emphasis on the selection of amps and effects being limited, when Line 6 have been exceptionally transparent about what is going to be included at launch and what isn't. If you're unhappy with the selection and don't think it's worth the price, then perhaps you shouldn't have bought it. I'm not particularly interested in reading a list of good points versus bad points. I've used the unit. I was one of the first people to post my thoughts here based on actually using it, and I'm currently waiting for my unit to ship. But I'm more interested in things that I don't know about, which is why I didn't pick up on anything else from your review. Simply put: it was all obvious to me anyway. I disagreed with some of your comments on the build quality, but I wasn't going to make a mountain out of it. And I'm nowhere near a Line 6 apologist, fanboi, defender, or crusader. I use what I need to get the job done. And lets be clear here - not everyone is agreed unanimously that the Helix doesn't give you enough out of the box. 45 amps? FORTY FIVE AMPS.... Let that sink in a bit hey... For you to respond the way you have... well...
  10. I can't believe someone would put so much emphasis on things that the Helix currently lacks, even going so far as to calling it 'the ugly' - dude.. you KNEW before you even put the credit card number in what the Helix actually came with. There are lists available everywhere.
  11. I've got the Positive Grid stuff on my iPad, as well as Amplitube and a bunch of synthesiser apps. Using the screen to control these things is terrible. Line 6 made a great decision to not go with the iCrowd and start implementing useless gimmicks like touch screens. imho.
  12. Find the knob or the time... PRESS it... that will switch it into note-sync mode.... then the tap tempo will work.
  13. Guitar > Helix input Helix send 1 > Guitar amp input Guitar amp send > Helix return 1 Helix main output > Guitar amp return Ensure you have the FX Loop 1 block in your patch and enabled. Ensure your amps effects loop is enabled. It should really be that simple.
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