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  1. If you have FX Junkie, you have the Standard, and you need to choose the $199 upgrade
  2. *** Edited *** I never was able to find the issue. Seems my UX1 works fine with Windows, but OS X Mavericks simply doesnt like it. Not a problem, as I am replacing PODFarm with a HD500 \m/ :-)
  3. Getting AAX compatibility is as likely to happen as a Pod Fram HD update. Its obvious L6 doesnt care about Pod Farm anymore. A shame, but their actions speak for themselves.
  4. You think thats a user end issue? Must be a lot of idiots out there. Now, if you had actually read my words, you would know that I did not have a problem with the software, and in fact, have gotten many gtreat tones from it. But you're too busy slurping the Kool-Aid for that.
  5. More condescending BS from a Line 6 fanboy. Comical, but useless to this thread. At any rate, I should clarify that I don't hate PODFarm (as assumed by TheRealZap) but I am not happy with L6 and they way they handle their customer relations, especially their PODFarm user base. No 13th hour sale can fix that.
  6. Complete bulls**t. Its not that they can't, they simply won't.
  7. So you've finally decided to throw your POD Farm users a bone, with a whopping 30% off model packs. 30% off out dated software? Who can resist that? Thank you Line 6, for making me see what a fool Ive been since 2009. By that I mean, in 2009 I started using Line 6 software for my guitar tones. Ive gotten some great tones w/ PODFarm, and its not the software I have the peeve with, its Line 6. Thank you for the lousy service, buggy products and overall dismissal of your customers concerns, wants and needs. I will be taking my dollars elsewhere for my modeling needs in the future.
  8. I heard PFHD has been in the works for years, but like Bigfoot, info on it has been scarce and vague. :lol: I just registered for Ideascale, I had no idea it existed, thanks! I submitted the suggestion, if anything comes of it, Ill let you guys know.
  9. Dear Line 6, Since you have (obviously) abandoned Pod Farm, and have no intention of giving us Pod Farm users anything new (i.e. Pod Farm HD - hint hint!). How about dropping the prices on the Model Packs? They are a bit old, and honestly, are over priced, considering whats newer and less expensive from your competitors. Im not complaining, or asking for anything free, but as a long time PF user, I'd like to see something, anything that brings PF a bit more up to date. Throw your long time Pod Farm users a crumb, please? **NOTE** This isnt meant to be a whine thread, or flamebait, so please keep your comments constructive. Ive been using PF since 2009, so please dont tell me to go buy Revalver, or some other software. Thats not a constructive response.
  10. A bit pricey. Anything out there thats easier on the wallet?
  11. I had the same issue (Reaper) heres how I fixed it. Open PODFarm and go to "mixer view". The icon directly right of the Line6 logo. Tone A input: instrument Tone B input: same as Tone A Send 1-2: Rec: Tone A+B Send 3-4: Tone A+B This allows me to record into Reaper using PODFarm standalone, and still get the fully processed signal. I hope I explained that correctly, or at least gave you an idea of how I corrected the problem.
  12. I have a couple. They are based on a couple of Gilmours "Live at Gdansk" tones. I'll upload them to Customtone later today.
  13. I hope they do something with it. Its good software, but a bit outdated compared to some of the newer offerings.
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