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  1. I've updated the expired link to the dmg file.
  2. I've been contacted by Rolf, the Author of the dtedit's source code. He is glad to have this version compiled and posted here :). Flavio
  3. Thanks so much, I've perhaps fixed the problem, not correct deployment of the app. Dependancies not included. I've now re-uploaded the dmg. Please download it and try again :) ​Flavio :: UPDATE: Succesfully tested the package on a friend's Mountain Lion machine.
  4. Ok, pls click on Details and show me someway all the contents of the window that appears. Send me all that in private message. tnx Flavio
  5. What's in my mind? Brain.

  6. Uh, then pls tell me: 1) Is the software starting and showing the user interface but it's not responding? 2) Same as above, but the interface is responding but the DT is not. 3) If the interface is working (it responds to clicks on controls) have you connected the DT with TWO MIDI cables? (DT IN to MIDI board OUT and MIDI board OUT to DT IN)? Thank you for feedback. Flavio
  7. If it is a question, the answer is yes, my setup is Mountain Lion 10.8.5 + M-Track from M-Audio for MIDI interface. If you have tried without success... Let's talking about. Flavio
  8. Maybe... :-) The version I've tweaked and compiled, now works on my Mountain Lion, yours (and the original code)... Simply not. So we have more chance to make some productive thing with our DT. Cheers.
  9. Hello, I didn't got replies from the DTedit author, so I post the link to the OSX version I've compiled today of his brilliant software. Some tweaking was necessary, so we must give a try and return some feedback. On my systems, win and mac, dtedit was not working. I've added a sysex identifying request after any Control Change message sent, and this works for me. I will try to compile the same code for Win32 very soon. Let me know! Flavio Ronco Torino, Italy. Download DTeditOSX.dmg file size: 22 MB ::UPDATE: I've updated the package, there was a wrong set of library files included. Please re-download it and give a try.
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