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  1. I'm still having this issue. I'm currently using fw 2.12. Was this fixed in the last update? It seems to happen intermittently. I created a laser gun effect, set to switch momentary for our cover of Rebel Yell and during a gig today it happened. I held it down but then it switched and when I lifted my foot the effect was still on and it reversed. I had to play the rest of song with my foot holding it down less the laser start firing. :)
  2. I set it up so I have my snapshots on the bottom row and stomps on top. I set a flanger to switch on and off momentary. Last night, while playing a gig, I pressed down on it to enable it, then lifted my foot up to disable it, but when I started playing the rest of the song, I noticed it was still on. After trying to turn it off, I noticed that it was still momentary, but the on/off was reversed. I played the rest of the song with my foot holding the switch down. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if I'm just hitting the wrong thing with my foot. But this happened to me twice now.
  3. Sure, I'll check it out when I get a chance. It takes me a while to find one I that I like with all the different placement options for each OwnHammer cab. This is how I found the one I'm using: I loaded into all the ir slots, the different mic position irs and used the foot edit to try each one. When I heard one that I liked, I wrote the slot number down. Then I compared all the ones I liked and repeated the process until I narrowed it down to the one I liked the most.
  4. Thanks! Here's another one with some Van Halen riffs thrown in: https://soundcloud.com/journeysedgetribute/line-6-helix-van-halen-noodling
  5. I bought a 4×12 Marshall (Checkerboard) ir. Here's me noodling around on it: Listen to Helix Noodling by Journey's Edge #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/journeysedgetribute/helix-noodling
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