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  1. Hello, NEW DEVELOPMENT. I now realize that when I activate the AMP module of my Patch, it generates a dual sound with a lag. 1st I hear the "clean" sound generated on the amp channel and second I hear the distorted sound that should be getting to the amp though the FX Loop. Anyone know what can I be connecting or doing wrongly? Thanks a lot.
  2. I have the news version of the JC. I also set the FX Loop on Serial. Why should it be in Parallel? Isn't that result in mixing both signals? Can you please re attache the d2rk Patch? Something happened and I lost it. Thanks a lot for all the help. It's a little harder for me since in my country we speak Spanish. Best regards,
  3. I understand what you say, BUT, since the JC-120 doesn't have a Master Volume, it'll sound not loud enough.
  4. Hello, I don't know what am I doing wrong. I set a patch and hooked the amp as supposed with 4CM (Since the return fx loop on the amp is Stereo, I actually used a 5CM), BUT, I get my signal mixed with the amp input. What I want to do is to use my JC120 as a CLEAN amp (Using the Helix effects BUT NOT the pre amp) and then, as I stomp omg a foot switch, to use a Hi Gain preamp and everything from the Helix and bypass mi JC120 Pre Amp section. Is this even possible? I'm getting afraid I'm going to have to sell the Helix... Thanks a lot. Best regards,
  5. Hello, can anyone help me with the best possible STEREO connection for using my Line 6 Helix and my Roland JC-120 (and / or my JC-40) so I can take advantage from the natural Stereo capability of these amps? If you can tell me how am I suppose to connect them (How many cables method) and give me or sell me a stereo Patch so I can tweak it and use it as my template patch. Thanks a lot.
  6. Hello, I have a Roland JC-120 and a JC-40. ┬┐How can I use the CLEAN pre amp of this amps on a clean setting, BUT the HX Stomp DIRTY Preamps on the JCs when I need some dirt? Also, Is there a 5 cable method? My idea is to have a Stereo setup with only ONE of the amps. Best regards and thank you all.
  7. Hello, is there a way in which when I'm using a preset on my Variax HD500X, when I press a Footswitch, my JTV Variax model will change from one to another? My idea is that as I press a Footswitch, I can change my 12-String Acoustic model to a 6 strings one? Best regards,
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