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  1. Think I've got something weird on HX Stomp XL (v3.02 - is this even out yet? Just an XL patch?) and Command Center. I've mapped snapshots 1-3 to the bottom row of footswitches for patch 01A. Works fine until I use mode switch to enter patch mode. When I switch back to stomp mode, the red footswitch light that corresponds to the A preset (FS5) stays on. Seems to function ok, but it's an annoying visual. After some more testing, it seems like it happens any time the preset footswitch shares the same switch with a CC snapshot. So if patch D (FS3) has a snap on FS3, it will stay red when switching back to stomp mode. But if it has a CC snap on FS2, the light goes away when you switch. Also, it would be cherry if the current snapshot switch could be lit up white to correspond with the screen. So if my snapshots are 1-2-3 and I was using #2, footswitch 2 would light up, etc...
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