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  1. This is a known bug which I had caught during beta testing. Happens for me in Pro Tools as well. Seems to only happen when copying from a Helix Editor made patch loaded into Native. They are aware and hopefully have this fixed in a near future update.
  2. andyz

    Where is Native?

    I'll echo the sentiment one more time from above... Hardware and Native sound pretty much identical to me as well (transporting the same patch back and forth)!
  3. Ahh something here I can state with some authority! haha! Back when I worked at Line 6, just when Helix was just getting off the ground, one of the side perks of my gig there was I was tasked with keeping the amp collection maintained and to buy amps for future modeling. I had played everyone of those amps, side by side to the then HD Pro. Some of those amps with such a wide variance of tone, really captured the flavor of key settings and some were spot on to what everyone liked in a specific amp. That said the Mail Order Twin (referenced above) was one of my fave acquisitions... This Silvertone Twin Twelve amp lived in the owners bedroom for 40+ years as the original owner. And he had 2 of these! I have to say that this is probably one of my top 5 faves on the Helix! The Bassman thru a 4x12 Marshall cab is one of my other faves. The Bassman from the POD HD to current is pretty much a bone stock period correct tweed Bassman. The Bassman before that had a few mods but still sounded killer. There's a lot of other great stuff never modeled yet, I'm looking forward to seeing it make it's way into the Helix!
  4. AZ_Guitar, I'll surely try to remember to. Want to make sure they translate ok. I'd probably end up using a 3rd party IR as well, but may add a cab additionally.
  5. Yep ole ION... Hard to believe it was 18 years ago that all started! Good to see you're taking it to the next level Glenn! Still sounding great! Things are good! Just spending more time in the studio now writing and trying to make records for others more than anything else. I'm still here lurking, but don't post much...
  6. Hey Glenn, 4 years ago I was the guitar tech for Geoff Tate's Queensryche on the 25th anniv for Mindcrime after I left Line 6. Encore set had the hits from Empire. For Robert Sarzo's rig I programmed 4 patches for the whole set on the HD500 (Helix was in dev then), delivered through 2 DT50s. Kelly Gray's rig, he programmed it on a laptop using Waves Gtr feeding into 2 412 Acoustic halfstacks. Live it was dead on to the record. After living the tones every night it's ingrained in me. Nice job, pretty close! I actually just pulled up some of my fave patches for the POD HD and converting them over to the Helix. You're new library here inspired me to convert these now. Thx!
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