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  1. This website doesn't exist. Can someone tell me where to get these please?
  2. You can use cab IRs directly in Native no need for more plugins
  3. Savihost is indeed simply a host to run a single plugin - which is a nice easy way to trial Native. If you actually need a DAW to record multiple tracks and use additional plugins then no it is not what you are looking for. Your original query suggested the most straightforward way of hearing Native was what you wanted, which Savihost would be perfect for. Edit. I've just re-read your original post 'is there a way of getting Native working as a sort of stand alone editor' and Savihost is exactly what you asked for, but now you seem to want something to load several plugins????
  4. http://www.hermannseib.com/english/savihost.htm
  5. Surprising they didn't bring that over from helix edit, was useful.
  6. Kdog that only helps if you are using separate amp and cab blocks, from op's question I assume he's talking about a combo block. On helix edit if you selected the head of the same amp as you already had as a combo it would retain any amp settings already tweaked, you could then simply add an IR block. I haven't experimented to see if native likewise keeps the settings if you swap between combo and head.
  7. You simply download savihost and copy the vst or dll of native to the same folder, rename savihost.exe to Helix Native (x64).exe and launch from the renamed program. Then choose devices at the top and, wave, and point the output to whatever asio drivers your soundcard/interface Are. If you need drivers asio4all are apparently very useable.
  8. Savihost and any asio audio interface and you're all set
  9. Maybe what I instead need to figure out is where on my interface input gain knob unity gain lives. Unfortunately it is not labelled
  10. Not using floor as my interface as the huge selling point of native for me was to be able to use it without needing to transport the hardware with me. The idea of keeping the meter within a certain range doesn't make sense as it would level out the variations between different guitar outputs which is NOT what we are trying to achieve. We are trying to get native to see the same input as helix not the same input from one instrument to another. Thanks for your input all the same.
  11. When creating patches in helix editor I often found it useful to copy a block from one patch and past it into another (work around for having default favourite settings in fx etc.) Unfortunately this doesn't seem to work in native (at least not in reaper). I can copy and paste within a patch but I cannot copy a block I like in one patch and paste it into another - is it just me?
  12. Automation is described a little in the manual, but I've yet to understand it well enough myself to know if I can do the simple task of using the number pad on my pc to select bypass states etc as a replacement for the hardware footswitches. Following to see if anyone shares any wisdom.
  13. Use the most recent driver for your interface- 2nd gen drivers will work and give better latency even if your solo is 1st gen. In asio settings put your buffer size as low as it will go without getting pops and clicks, this might take some trial and error. You may also find that the drivers work best at a higher sample rate, mine prefers 96khz to 44.1khz giving latency as low as 1.9ms but variable up to about 5ms
  14. The manual has some general guidance but there is still the likelihood of the input gain being significantly different to the helix hardware. Let's put it like this - I want my strat to sound exactly the same on a patch installed to both the hardware and native. I have input pad set to off. How should the input knob in my interface (which is set to instrument but still has adjustable gain) be adjusted to ensure the model on native is seeing the same level input as the helix floor? Likewise if I use the floor input pad where do I then set my interface for that? What is the idiot proof way of doing this? To be clear we are not asking how to normalize input of different guitars we are asking how to match native input to floor input as exactly as possible Thanks.
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