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  1. Has anyone ever actually tried a FBV Shortboard Mk1 with an Amplifi product via the FBV input? I realise everything says officially only the MkII (2) Shortboard will work, but given the only real difference appears to be a lack of a USB port, I'm thinking it should work? Obviously I would not be able to re-program the board via the USB software like the MkII. Thanks, M.
  2. Thanks Jim, My prices quoted are all Australian Dollars, so they vary significantly from the US online retailers you've quoted (availability is also a factor here). That said, I really appreciate the advice RE the Firehawk FX over a AMPLIFi. I hope to try a Firehawk FX out on the weekend at a local retailer to help me decide. Question: I'd like to hook the Firehawk FX up to my lounge room Hi-Fi (instead of into a Guitar Amp, or other device). Any experience or knowledge RE this? I ask as both the AMPLIFi products mentioned in the manuals use in this way, but the Firehawk is a bit more vague RE using the mains out as a line out in this way... Cheers.
  3. Hi Jim, Thanks for the response, I appreciate the suggestion. I had considered the Amplifi FX100, however I think I prefer the: TT's small form factor and extra audio outputs. I've also read using the FBV shortboard Mk II external foot switch with the TT actually has more functionality than the Amplifi FX100's built in http://line6.com/support/topic/10713-hi-guys-comparison-between-amplifi-tt-and-fx-100/ "The short board (MKII) along with the TT actually offers MORE control than just the FX100 board. Most notable differences would be the full display that will give you patch and bank numbers, one button control of bank switching (pressing the 2 FX100 buttons simultaneously to switch is hard if not impossible for a small foot), and the ability to turn off and on individual effects within a chain just like a real stomp box." Cost ($AUD) wise I'm looking at (approx, incl shipping): Amplifi FX100 = $440 Amplifi TT ($320) + Shortboard Mk II ($250) = $570 Firehawk FX = $699 (plus postage)
  4. I'm considering buying either of the above options... any thoughts/suggestions? I'm leaning towards the TT + Shortboard option for approx AUD$150 less, and the ability to run it into my home hi-fi system, instead of a guitar Amp. Cheers.
  5. Thanks for the quick response :) It is specifically the tone matching element via the REMOTE App that I'm wanting to confirm is not possible when using Home sharing of an itunes Music Library. In my experience the song MUST be on the Device using the REMOTE App, or Purchased in the iTunes Music Library being displayed in the Music Library via the REMOTE App. Am I correct?
  6. Hello, Based on my use of the AMPLIFI Remote App V 2.50.3 on iOS 9.3.1 both with an iPhone6S and iPad 2 (when logged in with a Line 6 account), I was hoping other can confirm the current limitations I have discovered: All itunes Music will appear in the Amplifi App, as long as it is on (downloaded to) the iOS Device. All itunes Music purchased (not necessary downloaded) will appear in the Amplifi App, as long as it was purchased in iTunes (note, does not need to be downloaded to the iOS Device), as long as "Settings > Hide Songs Not On Device" is set to off.* Home sharing of itunes Music Library from a PC/Computer is not supported, and will not display that Music in the App at all. * Note, the 'retrieving tones' ability would sometimes not work on the iPad 2 when playing a music file from the Music Library displayed in the App. This seemed to be able to be worked around, by ensuring at least one song from the itunes library was downloaded to the iOS device, and played to allow a retrieve tones to occur. If other users could please confirm my experiences above reflect their own it would be appreciated :)
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