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  1. The advanced user guide states that the M9 has Global tempo. Does "global" mean for the entire pedal, or for each scene?
  2. Yes, you have to hit them exactly right or it won't send. Sometimes it takes me 10 tries before I hit them both simultaneously. Just a terrible design for this...
  3. Jack does great work. He modded out my M9 a while back. You can check his site for pricing to better gauge what his work should go for used.
  4. Is there any software (Line 6 or 3rd party) that would allow me to back-up, rearrange, and re-load scenes on my M9? I know somehow they supposedly back up via MIDI, but I have never really jumped in deep until now, and really need to be able to rearrange them and load them back. Thanks.
  5. I am reworking my setup, and am attempting my first try at some serious MIDI implementation. Currently, I am using a Timefactor to send MIDI clock to a Timeline, then to an M9, which is working great as far as I can tell. I am also using the Timefactor to enable corresponding presets on the Timeline for each song, which is also working fine. But that's where I run into an issue with the M9. Some of the commands coming from the TF and thru the TL are doing random stuff on the M9 (calling up scenes/patches, tuner, etc). While it would be nice to be able to use the TF to call up presets on the M9, too, I doubt it's possible (but if it IS possible please tell me how!!), and would just like it to respond to MIDI clock and nothing else. Any way to get it to ignore the MIDI commands working between the other two, and just change tempo with the clock?
  6. Wanted to follow up on this after more investigation. This is an issue with Eventide, not Line 6. Eventide knows of the problem, and thought they had it fixed, but have told me it will be fixed in the new H9 Control firmware update for Timefactor. Release date on that update is not available.
  7. See, I thought mine was working correctly at first, too. I didn't add that because I'm not really sure, but I think a preset change used to sync the tempo with the M9. It's been days since they responded here, and years since a firmware update, so I'd have to guess that they have no clue what's going on and we are just screwed on this issue as usual.
  8. Yep, latest firmware on both. I haven't seen this problem come up before either.
  9. The timing itself fights the MIDI clock. The repeats on the M9 are in sync with the blinking light on the Tap switch and global BPM readout. And yes, it does warp the repeats a bit as it fights it, kind of like turning the time knob while playing on a Memory Man.
  10. I have a Line 6 M9 and an Eventide Timefactor, and had planned to sync the time based effects via MIDI from the Eventide. Everything is connected correctly, and I know the problem is not with the Eventide because a ) I get the correct MIDI signal when I test it plugged into my computer. b ) When I tap a tempo from my Aux switch to the Timefactor, it translates to the M9. But when I switch presets (song presets with specific BPM), I can go into the setup menu and see the M9 global clock fighting the incoming MIDI clock signal. Is there some fix or setup function I am missing to stop this? The whole point is to have a preset at the same BPM as our click for every song. If the M9 won't sync, it eliminates a lot of its usefulness for me...
  11. Do I just need to resolder it, or replace it? It's not under warranty anymore Im sure, so I'll have to fix it myself or it's just a doorstop.
  12. Correct. Then, if I kick on something like Bias Tremolo, I get both sides.
  13. It is not intermittent. I only get signal from the right channel when using certain effects (which I assume are stereo). It is not the cable. I used the same cable to completely bypass the M9 and it works perfectly.
  14. No, it happens with effects bypassed as well. I only get signal from the right when using certain effects.
  15. I've just redesigned my board to include stereo effects instead of just splitting at the end to feed 2 amps. I run mono to my Timefactor, the split out of it in stereo to an M9 > RV5 > amps. I was playing once I got it all wired up and noticed that I'm only getting signal from the "Right" amp sometimes. I narrowed it down to the M9. When I use an effect like Bias Trem, Chorus, Octo, I get both amps, but if I choose Analog Delay, I only get the "Left" amp. So, I bypassed the M9 in my "right" signal and ran it from the TF to the RV5, and that got me signal all the time, both amps. Anyone have any idea as to what is going on with the M9? Is it a software thing, a hardware thing, or some setting I haven't learned about yet? Pretty frustrating as I thought it would be pretty good for a lot of cool 3D sounds.
  16. It was based on both. Seems to me it would be intelligent for a manufacturer to stay ahead of competition by updating a good product (especially since it is fully capable of being updated) instead of letting it fall to the wayside as an "established product". Line 6 would probably sell a whole bunch of new units if they issued a second substantial update with some new popular models like a POG, a shimmer effect, a Klon and/or Timmy model, etc. plus addressing a few of the known bugs and user requests. Or everybody could just move on like with the xx-4 series.
  17. That's sad to hear. Never would have spent the money on an M9 if I knew there would only be one substantial update. Guess I shouldn't be surprised since it's Line 6...
  18. I would also REALLY REALLY like to see this addressed. It would make the M9 go from very usable and great bang for your buck to completely irreplaceable.
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