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  1. Thanks for the prompt reply.. I am just getting ready to start the upgrade.
  2. Can i update from 2.21 or do I need to update to 2.30 and then to 2.50?
  3. Why are the two suggestion pertaining to addional amps not listed here. Adding high gain amps has been the number one vote getter.
  4. jbauer3

    Helix FAQ

    I apologize if this has already been answered. I have an hd500. There are a few FX on 500 that are not yet on Helix. Is there a way to connect Helix and 500 digitally, so there are no D to A conversions needed? The 500 can accept a digital signal via the variax connection. Can the Helix route an acceptable digital signal out its Variax port to the 500's? If yes, then the 500 can output the signal via spdf and I believe the Helix has spdf input capability. Please let me know if possble or if there are other digital connection options open. Thanks
  5. jbauer3

    Helix FAQ

    Will it be possible to connect Helix with hd500 without any A/D conversion?. Can the signal go out the Helix variax/aes/ebu connector and into the hd500 variax connector and then out the hd500 spdf connector back into the Helix? If yes, would this be a preferred means to connect? Are there other options? I thought I read someplace that the A/D coverters are much better on the Helix, so I am thinking the HD500 A/D is the weak link. there are FXs I want to use that are on the 500 and not yet on the Helix.
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