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  1. I've seen there used to be a USB charger before (cable). Too bad this does not exist anymore. Thanks anyway. Charging both transmitters before is definitely an option.
  2. Hello, I would like to have a backup transmitter available and operationnel when my main transmitter stops working. I'm not talking about replacing a dead unit, but about switching transmitters when battery is empty. Ideally I'd like to always keep a transmitter on the base, while playing with the other, so I'll never have power issues. This is really usefull for long sessions. Even in studio when I need to record for several hours (and don't want any cable). From what I understand, when plugin the transmitter in the base, the small button close to the jack is "pushed" and the association is done, disconnecting the transmitter remaining in my guitar :-/ Any clue ? Any other way to charge the transmitter without the base ?
  3. The documentation says explicitly that this is only for AES/EBU and S/PDIF. :-/ Anyway. It seems clear to me now that USB is stuck with 48. Even if documentation and some posts from DI says otherwise. May be they will clarify this in the near future : bug or feature :-) Thanks to everyone for you answers ! Rock on !
  4. Hello Psarkissian, it has nothing to do with DAW. The setup in the OS doesn't allow to select 44.1. Without launching any software.
  5. Hello Uberschall, you made me search the (Logic) documentation again ! :-D :-D Are you sure you're not using automatic Logic resampling function ? In which case, you would have the "44.1" selected frequency for your project in "italics", and only "48" in normal font in the drop down menus. Can you check this ? Anyway, this is a good workaround for now indeed. I don't like the idea of resampling too much. Since I do reamping, it means resampling 3 times in a row :-/ But this can help for now (until Line 6 fix this, or my band mate work with 48k projects). Thanks. Live long and prosper \\ //,
  6. Thanks for the tip.Yes I did this. S/PDIF is selected with 44.1, and I do get some sounds out of S/PDIF in 44.1. It's just with a lot of "ticks" , or with sounds drops from time to time, depending if I declare the Helix as the master or not for sync. Quick question : since you are not using S/PDIF, are you using USB ? If so, can you set it to 44.1 ? I'm on Mac, and this option is not possible. I'm trying to figure out if this is an Helix limitation, a Mac driver limitation, or some kind of bug. My prefered choice is "bug" as I really need USB for doing DI recording and reamping without being forced to record in mono with right channel being DI (as I had to do with the HD 500). Thanks again.
  7. Hello, and thank you for your answer. How do you connect to your PC ? Full USB ? Or with other digital connexions to your PT hardware ? Regarding my DAW (Logic Pro X) it is not the problem. I have the problem even with my computer turn off :-) Not for the USB part of course, but for the S/PDIF sync problem. Guitar -> Helix -> MOTU -> Mackie. Regards.
  8. Hello Amsdenj, by bug do you refer to the USB not accepting 44.1 or to the sync problem with S/PDIF ? Hope it will be addressed quickly anyway. I need to do some reamp and finish recording a few songs, and I'm stuck with my HD 500. It's soooo frustrating ! :-/
  9. Hello, when connecting with USB, I'm stuck with 48kHz (see screen copy, sorry for the french, but you can see : no choice but 48000). To use 44.1 I need to disconnect USB and use S/PDIF to my MOTU interface (828 mkII). This used to work fine with my HD 500, by setting the POD as the sync master. It doesn't work with HELIX. Depending on the sync setup (master or not), I get ticks or sound drops. I can't find a way to record in 44.1 in digital. Do you experience the same problems ? I've found a post on the forum where D-I say the USB connexion allows any rate/bit configuration, including 44.1... but I must have missed something, or he made a mistake. Thanks a lot for your feedback and/or help.
  10. Hello, In this thread, you said explicitly "yes" when asked if USB supported 44.1. I've just received my Helix and I can't find a way to do this, at least on MacOS. The only available choice is 48. stevekc mentioned this issue with the Firehawk, but you did not react, which made me believe all frequencies were supported with USB "up to...". Can you confirm it is not possible to connect the Helix with USB and record in 44.1kHz ? From what I see : USB seems "only" 48. I really love the sounds from the Helix, but it is impossible for me to work with it for DI/Reamp :-(
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