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  1. 1) The sound and feel is a very noticeable improvement over my HD500 and the patches need less tweaking to sound good. The user interface is super easy and intuitive to work with. It's not a hassle anymore. This part is very promising. 2) Fixing the dreaded black display on boot that is only resolvable by doing a factory reset and thereby loosing your presets. Fixing the problem in the PC program so that it doesn't crash when trying to save a backup of your presets. Making the Amp switches Tip and Ring controllable by momentary switches like you can on block switches. Solving the backup problem would make it usable for rehersal. Solving the black display problem would make it usable for gigging. Solving the momentary switch problem would make it possible to control our lighting rig through a DMXIS interface (saving me a lot of tap dancing when changing patches and lighting sequence simultaneously). 3) Then I would have a single control unit for all my needs with excellent sound, easy to use and compact to carry. :)
  2. Did any of you find a solution to the black screen on boot problem? Or did you find a pattern to when it happens? I haven't been able to observe a pattern, and it seems pretty random to me. It would be nice to at least know how to avoid it until a fix has been found. Any news on the problem with the PC program crashing with a "Helix stopped working" error message when trying to save a Setlist or a Bundle would also be highly appreciated. Then at least I wouldn't have to start from scratch patch wise, every time I get a black screen.
  3. Did you find a fix to this one? My PC program starts ok and show the right patches on the Helix, and changes are reflected live on the PC, so the communication must be ok. The problem is that the program crashes with an error message about the Helix having stopped working every time I try to save a Setlist or a Bundle. The frustrating thing is that I don't have a way to back up my patches and I still experience the dreaded black screen on start up which is only resolvable with a factory reset - and I'm back to square one patch wise. :( I'm also a bit reluctant (read: it's not gonna happen) to gig with a board that doesn't boot properly ever so often with irregular intervals. I haven't been able to spot a pattern so far. :(
  4. Yes, exactly. Thank you for the response. :) The DMXIS interface takes two footswitch inputs which is perfect for the Helix outputs, but it requires a non latching switch because you can single, double or long click each input and assign three different functions to these three types of click. That's why I need the momentary switch type. We don't want to play to click tracks because we often improvise a bit depending on how things are working out with the audience, so I have to control the lights manually to synchronize the different scenes to the band (as opposed to the normal way of synchronizing the band to the show). Now when I go to the control center and assign switch 1 to Tip and switch 7 to Ring, the only option I have besides selecting Tip, Ring or Both is to customize the label. I simply don't see an option to switch between latching or momentary operation???
  5. It's Windows 7 Home Premium with Service Pack 1. The strange thing is that it does communicate with the Helix and transfer all the patches. It's only when I try to save a setlist or a bundle that the program locks up without saving anything. I highly doubt that changing the Helix will solve the problem with the PC program not saving the transfered presets?
  6. I did the factory reset to get it working again and lost all my 24 patches in the process. So this morning I did a couple of patches over again, and wanted to back up the setlist with only 2 patches. While saving the setlist a message was displayed stating "Helix has stopped working" and something about Windows having to shut down the Helix program. The Helix was still working though and I tried it several times with the same result never getting the setlist saved on disk. I then noticed that the Helix program displayed Helix version 1.02.02 even though I had upgraded the Helix to 1.02.2 (I checked that in the Global Settings Info menu). I repeated the upgrade to 1.02.2 without doing a factory reset to save my 2 patches, but the Helix started with a black screen again, and I had to do a factory reset to get it running. Having lost my patches once again I wanted to check if the backup process was working with the empty patches. Starting the Helix program on my computer it once again showed the Helix to have version 1.02.02 even though it does show 1.02.2 on the Helix. I then tried to export the now empty setlist with a bunch of "New Preset" and got the same error message again "Helix has stopped working" and nothing was saved to disk. I'm pretty much out of ideas on what I can do about it? If I continue to build the presets without having a way to make a backup, it will only be a matter of time before I loose everything again. I never had this problem with the XT Live, X3 Live or HD 500. :( For reference I'm using a JTV-69 through the VDI. Any thoughts on what I could try are welcome.
  7. Mine just did the black screen as well, and I don't have a backup of the 24 patches I did yesterday, so now my question is: Is it possible to get it out of the black screen mode without doing a factory reset?
  8. Any clues on momentary switching of the Amp1 and Amp2 outputs?
  9. It might be as simple as being able to customize the two current default texts EXP1 and EXP2. Then you might leave it as it is or change it to something that suits your particular patch.
  10. SWoRd

    Master Volume

    The problem is that you get the value that was set when you stored the patch, and it won't change until you move the pedal a little bit - then it will jump to the new value. You can also do it without using a block for a volume pedal, by controlling the level pareameter of the output block. It won't solve this issue though, but it will save a block. :)
  11. I tried to put in a Wah pedal and then I can customize the display via the Footswitch Assign page, but if I do that I loose the ability to switch between Wah and Volume (EXP1 and EXP2). The footswitch is already assigned to the Wah when it's inserted, and it works fine until I customize the display label. After I customize the display label, the function of switching between EXP1 and EXP2 is lost. Is that how it's supposed to work?
  12. Thanks :) Is it possible to customize the current EXP1 and EXP2 label of the toe switch? If so where?
  13. Huge multi billion dollar passenger and military aircraft have crashed because of software errors, and it wasn't because the software wasn't tested extensively. They obviously didn't test that unfortunate combination of input sequences, but these things are complex and it's impossible to test all combinations. Have a bit of patience. :) Peace
  14. Greetings :) I couldn't find how to change the expression pedal labels in the manual. I've assigned EXP2 to control the Level parameter of the Output Multi block (the last one with an arrow). How do I change that label? Another issue: I have assigned the Amp1 and Amp2 outputs to footswitch 7 and 1 (same as bank up/down). How do I make them momentary instead of toggle? I want to control our lighting rig via a DMXIS interface. Any clues are highly appreciated! :) Soren
  15. Hi Fireman You can log on to your Line6 account on a PC and remove the authorisation your self. Best regards Soren
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