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  1. If you are using Internet Explorer try Chrome or another alternative browser.
  2. Thought I would resurrect this thread to see if there are any more views about favourite/recommended amp models in the Helix?
  3. Rather than mess around trying it in the shop again I've taken the plunge and bought the Helix. Now we will see whether I become a convert or end up with buyers remorse!
  4. So is there a standout amp or preset to start with?
  5. Thank you for the replies so far. I tried the Helix through a Yamaha monitor and then through headphones. I'm certainly not saying it sounded "bad" rather that it didn't sound "better" in the elusive tone department than what I have. Which makes we wonder if people can suggest something I can try with it when I go back to the shop which will show off it's strengths and convince me to part with my hard earned money ;)
  6. Long term Line 6 customer/user here - Flextone combo, POD 2.0, Flextone HDII, Pod Pro, HD147, HD Pro, GX, FM4, wireless system etc. Over the years I must have paid for a lot of bubbly at the shareholder meetings! I've got a deposit down on a Helix and after many months of anticipation stock has arrived and I had a quick play on it today. Instead of walking out of the shop with it I was left somewhat underwhelmed and said I will get back to them. Yes it seems nicely built and the user interface is colourful and fun to use. However the actual sound didn't grab me as being noticeably better than what I already have. Am I doing it wrong or does anyone else think there may be an element of The Emperor's New Clothes going on here? Is there a patch or amp setting or something else that I could try in the shop that makes the Helix shine?
  7. Looks as though the on/off power switch on my HD147 may be on the way out - what's the best way to get a replacement part these days? I did a search and found some old posts about this however the relevant link no longer works.
  8. Thank you. Any likelihood of a price drop on the G50 to match the recent reduction for the G30? :)
  9. I'm considering upgrading my G30 (which I have always used on top of my amp and not placed on the floor) but can't work out which is better for me out of the G50 or G55. Form factor aside, if both receivers (G50 and G55) were placed on top of my amp would there be any actual/noticeable difference in performance i.e. range and sound quality? And if so, which is better overall?
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