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    Helix Amp Modelling

    Thanks for the responses, I'm definitely going to be heavily considering a Helix; I'm hoping to be able to try one out soon which I imagine will cement things for me!
  2. Joe_M

    Helix Amp Modelling

    So I'm considering a Helix rack as my main guitar setup and the only thing that I really want to know is how good are the amp models and IR's really? I've seen plenty of youtube reviews and testimonies online about how good the uni is as an 'fx' only box, but I'd love to use it as an amp sim while using my own pedals. I'd obviously be happy to use some of the inbuilt effects when I need them, but how do the amps hold up on their own is what I need to know. Just to note as well, I mainly play clean or light crunch so I'm not hugely bothered about the Mesa or Soldano sims being 'fizzy' or whatever. Thanks in advance for the help!
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