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  1. I have the guitar in standard tuning, but i like to VC it to half-step down for strings 1-5 and the 6 down to G#. I keep having to fret the 2nd fret though for it to work. and it is not consistent. any ideas why or how to correct this? and if your response is ''well if you got it to work then you're good'' then please don't... there is more to this and I'm not ''good'' - I'm looking for legitimate help. thanks all!!!
  2. Considering picking up a used one Variax 600 online, but wondering... A: does this guitar even work w the HD5X software? B: will I be able to make patches w differnt guitars (Tele A1, LP A2, Tele A3 etc.) saved in the patch- or must I physically turn the knob to the desired guitars when I want to call them? C: will I be able to make the guitar in different tunings via patch changes? (not using the pitch shifter pedal in the HD5X) Any info greatly appreciated!
  3. it was not.....and NoW that it is, everything is right again.....all this time and THAT is what I sir made my day. I thank you very much. To be honest, I didn’t even realize that was an input option....haven’t “facepalmed” this hard in a while hahaha we can all say we’ve been there tho!
  4. Trying to make a patch with an SVT amp and vocal mic setup, but not getting any output / soundfrom the mic. Using an EV ND96 & SM Beta 58 which both work along w the cable. Any info fo would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Hello, anyone know if the stomp /effect buttons are 10mm or if they are the same as the 500x? - looking to get those button toppers but can’t find the size of the HD500 buttons to verify before ordering. Thanks everyone.
  6. - Thank you, that's really good to know, I would LOVE to have (in one patch)my Panama and the Tweed w/ the desired effects to be able to switch between verses having to have to have separate patches which in doing so causes that slight microsecond delay between switching which has that noticeable switching sound. This ability would be the MAIN reason for changing to the 500x. (and for the 500 as a backup I'd just settle w/ the way it is- which is good enough for the performance. - - - And before anyone chimes in- sure, certain dual amp/ particular effect setups would be close and 'fine' to use, but I know what I want and that's why I'm bringing this here, I want it the way I want it -
  7. - is there a reason you are seemingly trying to argue my point to ''upgrade''.....and putting ''upgrade'' in quotes, trying to discredit the actual upgrades...?? I get that you don't buy into it being a better unit....but it IS an upgrade. There are (advertised) superior parts and expanded DSP, which would make it in fact, an upgrade-even though the tones are the same-which to me I have no issues w/ the tones, but I do w/ the DSP and lights.
  8. I only consider it an upgrade due to being technically a younger/newer unit(being I got mine very early), also the LEDs being placed where they are I find beneficial, and also the memory increase -which I never really run into issues with- but I think having a little extra would give me that 1x more effect unit I'm desiring. I have no issues w/ my HD500 currently, but I am a very active gigging player, with multiple sets, setlists, custom patches and midi sequences and having a backup should always be rule #1. -and have been super fortunate w/ the board so far :)
  9. I currently have the METAL MODEL PACK on my HD500, if I choose to <finally> upgrade to the 500x will I lose my models and patches/setlists?
  10. Looking for a frfr monitor for stage use. I play rock and metal- 2 separate bands. Professional. Anyone have any experience with these? I’ve played w the zlx and it was good. Heard prior JBLs and they were just okay- not 15†tho. I’m just looking for decent stage tone but more importantly volume and a ‘feel’ of air movement. I have offers of both a JBL EON 515xt and an EV ZLX12P for $280. Both are good offers....hard time deciding tho!
  11. Also, what is your master vol set to? Or do you adjust each show? When feeding into our X32 snake my patches and the other guitarists pod as well are set so that our masters are at 50% to equal the same output. —this is also where I’m wondering if we could benefit from using other outputs because people have said there are signal-to-noise ratio issues w the 1/4 outs verses the headphones out.
  12. And is that w/ the panning of L100% R100% 0db / 0db ?
  13. My application is going Out of the HD500 and into a Behringer X32 for IEMs and that gets sent FOH. The X32 has a snake w/ XLR inputs. Instead of taking up 2x spot just for my guitar I would like to do 1x but have the full signal. So, knowing that, what you suggest? —have been using a 1/4 TRS out of the L 1/4 into the snake (xlr) for a while now w good results. Wondering if I’m shorting myself on some signal loss that ...because when I plug headphones into that output I have one side / half signal verses plunging into the headphones output. So now I’m wondering if I should just plug my output cable into the headphones out instead.
  14. —due to reading up about the outputs I came up w that the 1/4 outs are only half the signal, the headphones tho must be the full, and therefore using a TRS-to-XLR cable would have the benefit of both L&R signals. Furthermore, the Master vol knob would be an actual master vol instead of where the 1/4 outs have some sort of issue w noise if the dial isn’t turned all the way up.
  15. So (using a 1/4-to-xlr cable )the headphones out , tho stereo, will have the same result as using the 1/4 (L for example) output?
  16. What is the difference between running 2x XLR (R & L) to a mixer then to PA // VERSES // 1x (L)1/4-to-XLR MALE cable to mixer PA // VERSES // running a 1x 1/4-to-XLR male out of the headphones out to the mixing board?? I have tried and had great results the first two, I currently have been using the 1/4-to-XLR out of the L 1/4output and it’s been great. —wondering why I don’t just use the headphones out and have an actual MASTER vol instead of the arguable sound/noice ratio issue w the 1/4 unbalanced outs.
  17. gotcha, thank you. Oh definitely, I have tones I love w/ the Panama, but who wouldn't want more!
  18. Well, I purchased the HD METAL PACK so I could finally get that ''5150" sound, and my buddy has the X3 LIVE which came w/ a 'Criminal' preset. Well, I thought they were the same but as I read more into it, that's not the case. The 'Criminal' is an '02 5150II and the Panama is a 5150 block letter. Is there a way to get both amps on both units?(More-so a way to get the 'Criminal' onto my HD500) Thanks guys!
  19. Okay so quick question--would I get the same results as using a 1/4 L (mono)(being the full summed to mono signal) out if I use a 1/4(on one end) and XLR(on the other)cable to the mixer??
  20. I'm not looking to carry around another piece of gear to make this work though, sounds like that's the only way to go if I want to use an XLR to PA and XLR to EV monitor. I'll have to try it and see first, if not Getting enough volume I will try the left 1/4 to EV and the EVs out/thru to PA/FOH. If that still isn't satisfying I'll try using the 2 XLRs to FOH and have a feed fed back into the EV. I'm going for minimal gear and consistent/satisfying results.
  21. The EV ZLX12P and ELX12P are both powered speakers.
  22. Well.....damn...haha....kinda bummed! Your points make sense, no links needed, but sure do wish Line6 made that possible in the first place -(sum to mono L XLR- I assume?) gonna try 1/4 to the EV and output of the EV to FOH for the next show and try that(but gonna be a few months) - if that doesn't work for me I will try 2x XLR to the FOH and have them feed my EV the signal back to me. Time will tell! Just to clarify, the IDEAL way this was intended to work was R-XLR > FOH & L-XLR > EV ....but this volume "oomph" loss is stupid to deal with and uneven in different patches. The 1/4 is cons and full of tone....but *IDEALLY* this would be through a balanced cable.
  23. Using an ev ZLX12P or an ELX12P. Panned everything mono, but still I've been recognizing quite a difference in quality using XLRs > 1/4 to the powered speaker, I prefer the 1/4 tone (very full) but the quietness and balanced qualities of the XLR but I don't want to use 2x XLRs going to the EV.........will using an XLR 2-to-1 adapter give me the desired results??
  24. Ok, curveball- **WHAT IF** I take the XLR output of zlx12 / elx12 and give that to the sound guy/ FOH instead of using one (or both) of the XLR outs on the hd500?? To note- my main concern is on the output/thru will the Master vol of the EV change the output signal sent to FOH? I'm *hoping* not , so this can be used as just a straight send not altering (or having to alter) my on stage monitor
  25. So .....if I put a gate at the end of the entire chain, then I can run 1 XLR and it be the "full" signal?
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