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  1. After upgrade to Win 10 x64 tourble with TonePort UX1: playing sound freeze ( (it the same , when I play on guitar or when I play music)) You can hear it on 11111 file I install Win 10 to clear , not up to win 7... Install last drivers for system and for TonePort UX 1 My system i5 / ram 16Gb In my old OS Win 7 TonePort UX1 correct play music and guitar, BUT in Win 10 alaways freeze sound. I sure that is problem in line6 sound drivers Plz let me know how resolve it problem ??? Regards , Evgeniy 11111.wav
  2. Any news about resolve freeze sound ??? ((( It very bad ... May be anyone can help me ???
  3. I too got it problem after install win 10 x64: freez sound What can I do ? In win 7 and 8.1 I dont have it problem ...
  4. WTF lollipoping support in Lane6 Hey idiotos , how long time we are must waiting drivers for El Capitan ????!!!!
  5. download it https://cloud.mail.ru/public/370fd2ab1ce5/GearBox.zip it work with 10.10.1 just drug it to ur apps ))) work without any problems and any dancing )))
  6. just download it https://cloud.mail.ru/public/370fd2ab1ce5/GearBox.zip and drug it to your apps )))
  7. I made very simple : copy from old back up disk to new hard disk GearBox and it normal working on 10.10.1 ))) If someone need I'll do archive with GearBox
  8. I see you But POD farm dont have PLAYER and for me it very convenient ((((
  9. Problem with GearBox: is start always open screen "Welcome" , I uncheck point in "Show this next time" , but at next startup screen show "Welcome" And second problem : I cant connect to Guitarport online in GearBox, its dont loud ... Operation system Mac OS 10.8.3 P.S. monkey normal connect to internet
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