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  1. I do have the pod farm 2 as well it was even free with my pod X3... But in you case you are loosing either sound quality because pod farm 2 is a non HD VST or flexibility if you record directly with the HD sounds from the pod.
  2. Ok but when you use a pod as studio device you record with the dry output then you are able to modify as many times as you want the parameters. For this you need a vst instrument able to edit the pod presets. So basically if you have a Pod HD Pro as studio device you are able to record with the dry output but then you are stuck because the only VST you can use is Pod farm which is not able to edit HD presets. So finally nothing better than the Pod X3 Pro (in this case)
  3. You got it!!! So what are the advantages of buying a pod HD Pro instead of a Pod X3 Pro for studio recordings?
  4. If at least Line 6 proposes a HD VST I would understand what you're saying... But ??? You are not credible... We are mainly thinking that it's unfounded because even if we buy the brand new HD Line 6 there is nothing really better that the products we already have... It's also unacceptable to sell a POD HD Pro with a dry output to do nothing better that the actual POD X3 Pro and then you want us to buy it because of Apple fault... Not credible again...
  5. Also there is no HD VST coming with the POD HD .... There is simply no big reason of changing your POD X3 to a POD HD... If at least Line 6 was able to propose a full resulted product I would understand a little bit more the evolution but it’s not!!!!
  6. No answer ... One more time! I guess it's because I'm right! So basically there is no other Line 6 product as transversal as Pod X3 + Pod farm. Customers have to know that there is no VST able to hold those type of HD sounds… Line 6 force us to buy newer stuff but it not totally functional. Weird …
  7. Ok but how you manage with the Pod HD Pro when you want to record a dry track in Cubase for exemple and then to be able to arrange with HD presets? Like it's actually working with Pod farm but without the HD.
  8. Ok understood it's all good for the rubbish... Anyway there is still something that I don't understand, something I ask in a previous post with no answer. "I'm also not so sure that pod farm 2 is able to use and program HD presets .. Because there are apparently no other vst plugins for line 6 guitars recordings what are the advantages of using a brand new pod HD pro with dry output instead of a pod X3 with the same output?"
  9. And about Gearbox?????????????????
  10. Line 6 doesn't give a ... to our problem. It is the reason why they don't give us any issues.... GEARBOX is not made and update anymore... that's it! They just want us to buy new HD devices. Then after a few years they will say that HD are not upgrade anymore to make us buy another new one etcetera ....They think that musicians are full of money... :D I just want to tell them that all of my OLD Native Instrument softwares are working very well with Yosemite and they are not saying that's Apple fault like I read above .... I thought that Apple plus Line 6 would be a great choice for music players and recordings... I'm finally understanding that's totally wrong ... Others are finally more professional than Line 6... Guys think about it!
  11. I'm also not so sure that pod farm 2 is able to use and program HD presets .. Because there are apparently no other vst plugins for line 6 guitars recordings what are the advantages of using a brand new pod HD pro with dry output instead of a pod x3 pro with the same output?
  12. Sorry i talked about pod HD just as exemple... Ok it was a wrong one ... I just wanted to highlight the fact that without new pod hd we are stuck with our pod X3. My pod x3 pro is great, also it was quite hard to afford it. I've got no needs to buy a new HD one and it makes me just angry that I cannot use it anymore like I use to do and this just after about 5 years...
  13. Damn it !!! How are we load and save our presets to even put them in a new HD pod though???? This is just unbelievable ... You are just telling me that years of work are just stuck in that bloody pod ... Noooo that's a joke ...
  14. It's true the new driver works very well!! Thanks for that.. However their is still something to fixe ... GEARBOX because without, it's just useless to plug your pod to a computer... If line6 doesn't want to upgrade Gearbox could you please explain to us how to edit, modify and save our current presets?
  15. I updated my MacBook Pro Retina (2012) from Mavericks to Yosemite. I'm also using POD X3 PRO and I meet the same looping crashes problems. Crashes stop when I turn off the POD. I tried to reinstall everything but without any success. I agree with Bevanhoeck that Gearbox needs to work again to keep those Pods useful...
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