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  1. Hello All Anyone used E & M in Milton Keynes to get their HD500 repaired? Suffering from a sick HD500. The thing has never left the house from new. The unit was left untouched for around a year and on powering back up I received 'Update Flash' message. Carried out the procedure without incident and now the unit will boot up in one of two ways: 1 Only controllable from HD500 edit software except for volume/tone knobs which appear responsive 2 Very rarely everything working as should be. Trawled this forum and followed all the advice of reflashing etc however could never invoke global reset via the power up/ left button method. Anyway back to the original point, the line 6 site says E & M are the repairers in the UK - has anyone tried them for this kind of fix.? Thanks for reading Steve
  2. Hi Blue Diamond for what its worth I have my HD300 going directly into AV100 monitor speakers as well as my Mac Mini. I have two 1/4 inch guitar cables feeding left and right into the speakers and its fine. Steve
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