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  1. Hey thank you, I will check this. And for the other guy before you I am using a Mac mini OSX.. and Logic Pro X. Sorry I forgot to mention that. Also sorry I was so pissed hahahaha
  2. My helix keeps automatically turning the tuner on when Im in my DAW and I have 0 clue why. It randomly started one night in the middle of a recording session and hasn't gone back to normal. It doesn't do this when Im not in the DAW, only in the DAW. Ive tried updating it, Ive tried downgrading it and then updating it again. Ive tweaked the tempo/tap send and receive settings. I cant get in touch with customer service and when I texted the customer service people I got no reply. I cant record while the tuner is on. Someone please explain what is going on and how to fix it. Ive been heavily discouraged.
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