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  1. Hi! I've got a problem with my Jtv-89. When I select a factory-patch I can choose different tunings as I'm supposed to do. But when I create a patch of my own or download and "install" custom patches nothing happens when I change the tuning-knob. If I remember correctly, this has been working previously but now for some reason it doesn't. I have not changed anything but the pickups in my patches. Anyone have any ideas or thoughts about this? Cheers! / Mattias
  2. I tried a 2nd cable with the same result so I guess the Pod is to blame. I'll mark this as solved as soon as I get some info from repairs. Thanks for your answers! Cheers! / M
  3. Hi! I have a simple question that I hope someone can answer for me. I just need a sanity check before sending my Pod HD Pro back to the store. The problem is that when I connect my jtv-89 to my Pod HD Pro using variax interface I get no power to the guitar. Using the battery with the guitar works fine and when I connect the guitar to a Pod X3 Pro (using variax interface), it also works fine. So, are there any special settings on the Pod HD that I need to set or something? I couldn't find any information regarding this in the manual but I just want to make sure I'm not missing something obvious. And yes, I've set input to variax. Thanks! / Mattias
  4. Hi! I'm considering buying a Variax JTV-89 and I have a couple of questions I hope you guys can help me with. First of all, I am more or less only interested in hi-gain stuff, and I will hook the guitar up with a Pod HD Pro. I will only use the guitar in studio. So, what do you think about the idea of using this combination for hi-gain stuff? I think that the Pod HD is good enough but I really need a new guitar anyway and that's when I started thinking about the variax. I've read both good and bad things about using the variax for hi-gain but it's mostly rumors and not actual opinions. How many models can actually give a good result for hi-gain? Is it worth spending almost twice as much getting the 89F? What is the difference other than floyd-rose? Thank you for your help!!! Best Regards, / Mattias
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