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  1. The ones on the back are for XLR as far as I know, but I read here http://www.inthemix.com.au/forum/showthread.php?t=264016 that apparently I can use input/channel 1+2 for stereo recording. I need to check that out.
  2. The Mbox 3 (not the mini or the pro - the one in between those two models)
  3. Well I use the POD as an amp and output to the Mbox and then again my speakers...
  4. I mainly just use the amps/gain from the POD. No effects like delay, reverb, chorus etc. I am not sure about your question regarding what I am monitoring with? Regarding the stereo option: From my pedals I pass on the signal to my Mbox soundcard and that one only has 1 input for guitar jack, so would stereo all be possible?
  5. Yes it is, and yes you are right... I was am just confused, because the input says L (mono) and R. So is the R then considered to be stereo and the L mono? Sorry if it's a noob question... :blink:
  6. Okay, awesome, I need to try this as well! Only the Hall of Fame pedal has this option though. But thanks again!
  7. Yes, thanks, I was recommended to do so, and it works a lot better. Still not 100% okay, but 90-95%, so I can live with that :)
  8. Hi guys. Just purchased the TC Nova delay as well as the TC Hall of Fame reverb pedals. Checked them in the store and sounded excellent. Now I just discovered when hooking the the pedals to my POD XT the sound is very bad. The sound as kind of distorted like it delivers way too much input. I don't get this? I usually run a Maxon OD808 in front of the POD XT and it sounds brilliant. I only use the "Balance" option in this pedal though, and not the overdrive. Anyways my setup is this: Guitar -> Maxon OD808 -> Hall of Fame Reverb -> Nova delay -> Pod XT Also tried going guitar -> Hall of Fame -> Pod XT with same crappy result. What am I missing here??
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