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  1. The ones on the back are for XLR as far as I know, but I read here http://www.inthemix.com.au/forum/showthread.php?t=264016 that apparently I can use input/channel 1+2 for stereo recording. I need to check that out.
  2. Hi guys. Just purchased the TC Nova delay as well as the TC Hall of Fame reverb pedals. Checked them in the store and sounded excellent. Now I just discovered when hooking the the pedals to my POD XT the sound is very bad. The sound as kind of distorted like it delivers way too much input. I don't get this? I usually run a Maxon OD808 in front of the POD XT and it sounds brilliant. I only use the "Balance" option in this pedal though, and not the overdrive. Anyways my setup is this: Guitar -> Maxon OD808 -> Hall of Fame Reverb -> Nova delay -> Pod XT Also tried going guitar -> Hall of Fame -> Pod XT with same crappy result. What am I missing here??
  3. The Mbox 3 (not the mini or the pro - the one in between those two models)
  4. Well I use the POD as an amp and output to the Mbox and then again my speakers...
  5. I mainly just use the amps/gain from the POD. No effects like delay, reverb, chorus etc. I am not sure about your question regarding what I am monitoring with? Regarding the stereo option: From my pedals I pass on the signal to my Mbox soundcard and that one only has 1 input for guitar jack, so would stereo all be possible?
  6. Yes it is, and yes you are right... I was am just confused, because the input says L (mono) and R. So is the R then considered to be stereo and the L mono? Sorry if it's a noob question... :blink:
  7. Okay, awesome, I need to try this as well! Only the Hall of Fame pedal has this option though. But thanks again!
  8. Yes, thanks, I was recommended to do so, and it works a lot better. Still not 100% okay, but 90-95%, so I can live with that :)