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  1. Boss SY-1 - I actually love this pedal and do not mind the tweaking on the dials, you get amazing polyphonic sounds quickly and easily. Downside is that you have to make some sacrifices to get it to integrate. For the sequencer aspect, I bought a Disaster Area Micro Clock to sync the tempo on it to the Line 6 gear - no issues, does Boss' NC setting and midi clock simultaneously. I use a TRS cable from the SY-1 to a separate latching pedal to also still use the sound hold function. Sacrifice is no control over tone settings/changes in real time unless with your hands and you can not also plug in an EXP pedal with the way I have it all set up. Currently this pedal is on a Metro 24 in the HX Effects Loop and usually runs into a Roland JC stereo. @GaryKaneNYC: I have an SY-1 and am trying to separate the sounds to have SYNTH to PA and Guitar through AMP using HX Effects to control it. Have you been able to send the Guitar sound and Synth sound to different locations... i.e. is the Synth sound going to the Roland JC Stereo and your guitar sound processed through the HX?
  2. Further to the above discussions, I have an SY-1 in FX Loop 2 of my HX effects so that it is permanently on and I can engage / disenage the loop by preset/stomp. However what I would really like to do is send the SYNTH sound directly to the PA mixer (before the amp) and only have my guitar through my amp but retain the ability to do this by preset. I tried individual SEND and RETURN blocks, i.e. FX LOOP SEND>> SY-1 INPUT>> SY-1 OUTPUT>>PA, with the FX LOOP RETURN block switched off but then my guitar signal seems to bypass the pre-amp and EQ on the AMP itself. Would it be possible to place the SY-1 on the OUTPUT R, i.e. OUTPUT R >> SY-1 INPUT >> SY-1 OUTPUT >> PA .... and configure the OUTPUT R signal before the AMP? Or any other suggestions?
  3. Thanks Phil... you've sealed it for me.
  4. I'm on the cusp of investing in a Helix HX, and part of the attraction is being able to control my amp channels & fx loop with it. I have an EVH 5150iii 50w head and currently change the channels with a Tech 21 Midi Moose using the EVH 'midi learn' function. I plan to use the same with the Helix HX. However, to switch fx loop on/off in the EVH, the manual states: "simply send a control change #85 message with a value of 63 or less to bypass the effects loop, or a value of 64 or greater to enable the effects loop". Can I do this from the Helix HX?
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