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  1. In Patches for Dummies Dept., how do I download patches from VGuitar? Do I have to register to get a "download" button to show up with the patch info?
  2. Thanks for the help, First upgrade attempt today succeeded. Yesterday, I had the guitar plugged into the amp. Today, not plugged to amp. Maybe that was the difference. Also, I did not have Workbench 2 open. It may have been open yesterday. Maybe these two things were factors yesterday. Or maybe it was just Line 6's capricious twitchery.
  3. I've read all 19 pages of this topic, so I'll apologize up front if I missed a discussion of my particular problem. I installed 2.0, and the installation seemed to have been accomplished. Monkey reported that 2.0 was in the system. Workbench HD seemed to tell me the same. However, I could not get my JTV69 (non US) to send a signal to my amp. (When I turned off the Variax function, the "straight" sound of the guitar came out of the amp as usual.) I restored 1.9 to my Variax and, presto, the various models sounded through the amp. Hopefully, there is some simple step I missed after installing 2.0 that prevented these models from getting amplified. Thanks in advance for any help.
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