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  1. Jazzyk

    Helix and DI

    Hello guys, I would like to record my Helix and Clean DI signal of my guitar simultaneously for reamping later. There are ton of DI Boxes Active, Passive and so on. I never used one and I'm not really sure which one to choose. I know I can set Helix to have Amp etc. on path 1 and leave path 2 clean for Di but That's not really what I'm after as it forces me to rebuild every single preset to be empty on path 2. I know Kemper have awesome solution for this. You can set SPDIF output to send right channel wet and left channel DI, so no modification to profile/preset is needed. Would be great if Helix had something like this. How do you guys do it, maybe you have some recommendations ?
  2. Jazzyk

    EXT2 Calibrate

    Solved it other way. Just bought TRS to TS Y cable and it works like a charm. Thanks for the tips though !
  3. Jazzyk

    EXT2 Calibrate

    Well this kinda suck, as this one's spring loaded and I love it as wah controller.
  4. Jazzyk

    EXT2 Calibrate

    Hello Everybody. I just got my Helix Floor and wanted to use my Mission Engeneering Pedal to controll wah but I cannot calibrate it. When I press it all the way down it goes to something like ´65% or so. I connect it to EXT 2. Pedal works fine with Kemper or Axe Fx, so it's not the issue. I couldn't find a option to calibrate it on Helix. Maybe anyone can help ?
  5. Hi everybody ! I have a problem with pod farm vst in reaper. I was recording song earlier today and i recorded only dry signal for each track. Then i added pod farm as fx to each of those track and everything was perfect. But then i saw that new version of pod farm available so i downloaded it and installed. now when i open my reaper project i only hear dry guitar though the pod farm is added as fx. There is also one more problem earlier i was using dual presets i mean with two amps now i cannot do that. please help me
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