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  1. edit: no one replied so I'd rather change the message so no one stumbles upon this thread looking for an answer to a similar problem. thanks for the help line 6 forums
  2. Thanks a ton for the detailed info dude. :) It's always super helpful for an electronics noob like me to get a detailed breakdown of what needs to be done. If my funds remain tight then most likely I will be going down this route instead of buying a seperate cab.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. Yes the speakers are 8 ohms, it says so on the back. With this in mind, I have 4 cables in total coming from the speakers; can you explain how I would have to connect them to the 1/4" jack? Also, can I get a 1/4" jack where you can just clip the speakers wires onto it instead of soldering them on? The wires connected to my speakers already are just clipped on and it's a lot easier than having to re-buy soldering equipment too.
  4. Hey all, so I have a line 6 spider ii 210 and I was wondering if there is any way I can connect a tube amp head to it and just use the speakers? (Bypassing the spider amp) if so, how can I achieve this and what do I need? Cheers.
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